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Resident Evil 4 was initially released in January 2005 exclusively on the GameCube and has since been released on almost every console under the sun. Capcom took a bold risk with the game by completely reinventing the Resident Evil formula, with the series' trademark fixed camera being ditched in favor of an over-the-shoulder perspective. The risk clearly paid off, as Resident Evil 4 is still considered to be one of the best shooters and best horror games of all time.

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Following the success of the recent Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes, there are strong rumors circulating that the fourth game will be getting the same treatment. Until that day comes, players can mix up their Resident Evil 4 experience with a wide selection of excellent mods.

10 Laser Tweak Mod

The Laser Tweak Mod may not implement the most drastic changes to Resident Evil 4, but it's a nice option to have and improves the game's customizability options. KEVIN465M0RAN's mod is available on Nexus Mods and offers red, blue, and green sliders, letting players change the laser sight to any color that they want. The mod also lets players change the laser's size and even disable the hud for a more immersive experience.

9 The Predator For Krauser

Implementing characters from other franchises is one of the most popular types of mod across all of gaming. Resident Evil 4 has a fair share of its own, with The Predator For Krasuer being one of the best. As the name suggests, the mod replaces Krauser with a Predator from the film franchise of the same name. Like the Laser Tweak Mod, The Predator For Krauser was uploaded by KEVIN465M0RAN on the Nexus Mods website.

8 RE4 Gamma Fix

The rumors of a Resident Evil 4 remake have divided fans of the game. Some believe that that the classic game still holds up incredibly well, while others believe that the time has come for a revitalization. Although many people argue that the gameplay is still excellent, it's hard to deny that the game is showing its age visually.

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Nofumasa's RE4 Gamma Fix mod offers an outstanding improvement to the game's visuals, with the following improvements being implemented as per its description on Nexus Mods:

• SMAA Anti-Aliasing• Gamma and Color Correction• Vibrancy• HDR• Contrast Adjustments• Vignette• Dithering

7 Alternative Outfits For Mercenaries

The Predator For Krauser mod isn't the only outfit change worth checking out, as Alternative Outfits For Mercenaries on Nexus Mods also offers a great selection. As the name suggests, the mod offers different outfit options for the Mercenaries mode, a mini-game that is unlocked after beating the main campaign and requires players to rack up points by killing enemies within a time limit.

Alternative Outfits For Mercenaries includes Albert Wesker in S.T.A.R.S. uniform and Ada Wong as Clare Redfield.

6 Silent Hill Atmosphere

Resident Evil and Silent Hill are two of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful horror franchises in gaming history, consequently sparking numerous debates as to which series is better. Each franchise has its own set of strengths and weaknesses, though it's widely accepted that Silent Hill offers a better horror atmosphere.

DeXiaZ gives Resident Evil fans a taste of Silent Hill's atmosphere with their aptly named Silent Hill Atmosphere mod on Game Watcher, which implements the series' signature foggy aesthetics into Resident Evil 4.

5 Rescue The Nemesis

Ever played Resident Evil 4 and wished that Ashley would be replaced by the Nemesis from Resident Evil 3? Probably not, but DeXiaZ's mod from moddb.com makes it happen anyway. The mod replaces Ashley with the Nemesis throughout the game, letting players order the villain into bins at will and even control him during Chapter 3: Part 4, where the player usually controls Ashely.

The mod includes a voice for the Nemesis, which is used for the majority of the game, aside from a few sections where hearing the villain let out Ashley's high-pitch scream makes the horror game unintentionally hilarious.

4 Re4generators Mod

The Regenerators are one of the most terrifying and difficult to kill enemies in all of Resident Evil 4, so naturally, there's a Nexus mod that litters the game with them.

Re4generators Mod puts a regenerator in almost every room and area in the entire game, significantly ramping up Resident Evil 4's difficulty, especially in the opening hours where health and guns are scarce.

3 Impossible Mode Save Game

For those that, for some reason, decide that the Re4generators Mod isn't quite tough enough for them, then KEVIN465M0RAN's Impossible Mode Save Game may be the perfect replacement.

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The mod ramps up the challenge in the simple and horrifying way of adding a plethora of chainsaw-wielding enemies around every corner. To stand a chance, players will need to stock up on long-ranged weapons and take the enemies out from a distance, as otherwise, the crowd will take Leon's head off with one swing.

2 Modded Savegame

One of the best things about mods is that they can offer players a completely different gameplay experience, allowing them to revisit their favorite games and enjoy an experience that feels unique and fresh like it's their first time playing again.

This is exactly what KEVIN465M0RAN's Modded Savegame achieves, implementing characters like Ashley and those from the Mercenaries mini-game into the main campaign.

1 Resident Evil 4 HD Project

The aforementioned RE4 Gamma Fix is one of two fantastic visual mods available in Resident Evil 4, with Resident Evil 4 HD Project being the other. The mod is perfect for anyone wanting a visual improvement while waiting for the rumored Resident Evil 4 remake, making significant changes to character models, weapons, and more.

As per Resident Evil 4 HD Project's description, 16GB of RAM is recommended to run the mod, with 4GB of RAM being considered the minimum.

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