11 Stunning Revelations In Video Games That Left Fans Awestruck

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The medium of video games has cemented itself as one of the best avenues for telling stories. Over the years, games have let players lose in expansive worlds and told soul-stirring narratives that rival the very best that the likes of movies have to offer. And much like many of the best narratives in movies, plot twists are an integral part of the experience – and many such twists happen towards the very end which might set up future narratives or enhance the drama to a much higher degree. To that effect, here are several such stunning revelations that left fans awestruck.

Please note that there are major story spoilers for all the games listed below.

Halo: Combat Evolved – Just Getting Started

halo combat evolved

Halo: Combat Evolved ends with the protagonist Master Chief and his sidekick AI Cortana making a last-ditch escape from the titular Halo ring. After successfully making it out alive, Cortana reassures Chief that it’s finally over – to which Chief says, “No, I think we’re just getting started.” And of course, Master Chief was right – there were more Halos to discover and enemies to fight and meet. Halo: Combat Evolved might just be the most important game for Microsoft, and without its existence, Xbox wouldn’t exist today. It was also a pretty risky game for its time, so when the Chief said that it was just getting started – fans across the globe were elated that this was just a strong beginning to what would go on to become a system-selling juggernaut in the near future.

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