The Stream Team: Getting done with Warframe’s Deadlock Protocol, day 3


With Warframe’s TennoCon 2020 coming tomorrow, Massively OP’s MJ wants to work on completing Deadlock Protocol before the big announcement of what’s on the horizon. With luck, she leveled her Xoris enough to help complete this story mission series and find out why she was “summoned” there. And who doesn’t want to completely thwart Nef … Read more

YouTube to Discontinue Community Subtitles While Virtual YouTubers Face DMCA Claims


Virtual YouTubers have been dealt a double blow this month, with YouTube announcing they would discontinue community subtitles, and Hololive being struck by multiple DMCA claims. YouTube recently announced that they would be discontinuing their community subtitles program, citing misuse and under-utilization of the feature. The discontinuation was originally reported by the Twitter user @CensoredGaming, … Read more

Twitter Celebrity Bitcoin Scam Hackers Arrested, Including 17 Year Old “Mastermind” from Florida


The hackers behind the Twitter-Celebrity-Bitcoin scam have been arrested, including a 17 year old “mastermind” from Florida with two other accomplices. We previously reported how Elon Musk and many other famous faces and companies have seemingly had their Twitter accounts hacked, and used for a scam that has generated (at that time of writing) almost … Read more

Dual Universe’s August beta will also see the end of NDA


Dual Universe is sort of repeating itself in its latest newsletter, but then tooting the horn of an upcoming beta launch is to be expected. What’s different in the announcement, however, is confirmation that beta will also spell the end of the game’s NDA, which means fans should expect a whole lot more user-created content … Read more

343 Industries: “We do have Work to do” on Halo Infinite Graphics, “In Many Ways” in Agreement with Feedback


343 Industries have addressed the reception to Halo Infinite’s graphics shown during its gameplay premiere, and acknowledging “Craig the Brute.” Halo Infinite’s gameplay premiere occurred on July 23rd, during the Xbox Games Showcase. While it showed new features, most fans seemed to be focused on the graphics. Along with discussions of the graphics overall (and … Read more

Animal Crossing New Horizons now lets players trip and fall, create penis-shaped fireworks


There’s been a recent update made to the adorable Animal Crossing New Horizons, including the ability to visit a dream version of other players’ islands in their sleep, backup their island and save data, and take in fireworks shows every Sunday which can be modified to include custom fireworks designs. So, naturally, everyone started filling … Read more