The Stream Team: Droid party at Nar Shaddaa in SWTOR


Massively OP’s Larry and MJ are closing in on the Shroud in SWTOR. Next up in the hunt: Nar Shaddaa, the big party planet (moon, whatever). It’s certainly possible the duo will get sidetracked and start talking about favorite foods, funny foibles, and who knows what else while wandering among all the neon lights. Since … Read more

New World discusses the ‘vision’ behind its alpha dungeons


“Expeditions” turns out to be a pretty popular concept right about now, but New World’s might be a bit different from what you’re expecting, as that’s Amazon Game Studios’ term for basic three-to-five-person dungeons. The studio penned a dev blog today detailing what players can expect from the content, specifically from the Amrine Excavation and … Read more

Sam & Max VR adventure This Time It’s Virtual heading to Oculus Quest in June

Wise-cracking anthropomorphic crime-fighting duo Sam & Max will be making their VR debut on Oculus Quest this June in developer HappyGiant's brand-new adventure outing Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual, with releases on Steam, Viveport Infinity, and PSVR to follow. Sam & Max: This Time It's Virtual is the first entirely new video game … Read more

Microsoft Jabs at Sony: It’s More Important Than Ever to Preserve Gaming Classics via Backwards Compatibility

Following the news that Sony is shutting down the PlayStation Store on PS3, PSP, and PS Vita forever, Microsoft announced they’re adding backwards compatibility support for their Xbox Cloud Gaming suite. Furthermore, the company took a jab at Sony, saying it’s more important than ever to preserve gaming classics. The Xbox brand account responded to … Read more

Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen dates next pre-alpha test for next weekend, plans to talk balance and progression in April 1 livestream


Today’s Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen news is all about the near future. As in the next couple of weeks or so. For those who are eager to kick the game’s tires, the devs have put out an announcement that the game’s next pre-alpha test will be running next weekend, Saturday, April 10th, and Sunday, … Read more

The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced Version Announced, Launches for Xbox Series X+S and PS5 on June 8

Publisher Bethesda Softworks and developer Zenimax Online Studios have announced The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced, a visually improved next-gen release for the MMORPG, and it’s launching for Xbox Series X+S and PlayStation 5 on June 8th. Here’s a rundown on The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced, via Bethesda: Currently, you can play ESO in … Read more

Elder Scrolls Online drops Blackwood trailer, announces next-gen ‘Console Enhanced’ edition


Among the most interesting announcements made during today’s Elder Scrolls Online Blackwood preview stream was ZeniMax’s revelation that it’s releasing an “enhanced” edition for the newest-gen consoles. The Elder Scrolls Online: Console Enhanced will launch for the Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, free for all owners of the game on Xbox One and PS4. … Read more

Neo-noir delivery thriller Cloudpunk unveils “sequel-sized” DLC City of Ghosts

Developer Ion Lands is returning to the neon-drenched streets of its gorgeous Blade Runner-esque delivery thriller Cloudpunk in a new "sequel-sized" DLC, City of Ghosts. City of Ghosts introduces a second, fully voiced campaign that serves as a direct sequel to the the main game, once again following protagonist Rania as she zips around the … Read more