The Elder Scrolls Online – Wild Hunt Crown Crate Items


The Wild Hunt Crown Crate is the 2nd crate season for The Elder Scrolls Online, launched on March 2, 2017, and lasting until June 22, 2017. There’s a wealth of costumes and cosmetics for most races, and a “corrupted nature” theme that entangles all of them.

Below you can check all the available items that can drop from the Wild Hunt crown crate in 4K resolution, so it’s easier to browse through all of the available items. Make sure to check all ESO Crown Crate Seasons here.

Other ESO Crown Crates:

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Apex Rewards
Wild Hunt Bear (Mount)

Wild Hunt Camel (Mount)

Wild Hunt Guar (Mount)

Wild Hunt Horse (Mount)

Wild Hunt Senche (Mount)

Wild Hunt Wolf (Mount)

Legendary Rewards
Black Senche-Panther (Mount)

Doom Wolf (Mount)

Black Senche-Panther Kitten (Non-Combat Pet)

Blue Oasis Dragon Frog (Non-Combat Pet)

Cobalt Sep Adder (Non-Combat Pet)

Dark Moon..

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Gwent Journey Calculator – How to Grind Battle Pass Levels ASAP

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game features the best battle pass system I’ve ever seen so far! Called “Journeys”, each season focuses on a main Witcher character, providing a ton of cosmetics, stories, artworks and unlockables in the Reward Book (another amazing system I haven’t seen in a CCG!).

As with any battle pass though, there’s always the question of “what do I need to do to get all the levels, if I started playing on X date?”. If you need a quick answer, just skip to the bottom of this article, otherwise stick with me a couple more minutes, so you get a better understanding of how the whole system works!

There are 100 levels in the Journey, and each one requires 24 Crown Pieces in order to level up, therefore you need a total of 2,400 Crown Pieces in order to fully level the Gwent Battle Pass and get all the rewards.

Every Journey season lasts for 12 weeks, and each week there is a new set of 6 quests you can complete, awarding you with 20 Crown Pieces each, for a total of 1,440 C..

The King of Fighters XIII Characters – Full Roster of 32 Fighters


The King of Fighters XIII is the 13th entry of the KOF franchise, and the 3rd and final part of the “Tales of Ash” story arc, that started with KOF 2003, and continued with KOF XI. It’s also one of the greatest 2D fighting games ever released, and most probably the last 2D KOF we’ll ever see, since both KOF XIV & KOF XV use 3D character models (unless there is a secret collaboration with Arc System Works, and we get a Guilty Gear -STRIVE- equivalent for KOF characters! or I’m just dreaming…).

The gameplay mechanics are more polished and complex than ever, and the multiple battle & training modes provide just what is required in order to master them. Unless SNK over-delivers in KOF XV, I’m confident that KOF XIII will stay the true.. King of Fighters for a very long time!

Andy Bogard
Andy Bogard, The King of Fighters XIII Character

Team: Fatal Fury Team

Ash Crimson
Ash Crimson, The King of Fighters XIII Character

Boss Character

Athena Asamiya
Athena Asamiya, The King of Fighters X..

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