Listings for Nintendo Switch Pro, Metroid Prime 4 Appear and Disappear, Fueling Release Rumors

Recent online listings for a couple of major Nintendo releases have the rumor mill abuzz and fans wondering if we’ll be getting official news from Nintendo sometime soon. A release of a Nintendo Switch Pro seems almost inevitable at this point and more if a “when” than an “if,” but there’s been no substantial news … Read more

Say Hi to All Your Friends on Ubisoft Connect With the New Chat


Yesterday’s Communication Today While Ubisoft Connect was meant to merge Uplay and Ubisoft Club, not all features made it to the service we have today. Up until today, Ubisoft Connect has been without a chat feature. However, starting tomorrow, the desktop app will support instant messaging between friends. Not that having a chat system in … Read more

Necromunda Hired Gun Review – One Relentless Note


Necromunda Hired Gun Review As probably any fan of Games Workshop’s Necromunda tabletop war game can tell you, placing a first-person shooter in the dark and gritty world of the Underhive seems like a no-brainer proposition. Set in a lawless society ruled by rival gangs and with an atmosphere that makes the Metro series seem … Read more

Iron Harvest launches Operation Eagle expansion, goes on sale


Iron Harvest 1920‘s first expansion, Operation Eagle, arrived this past week, bringing with it the American Usonia faction, new flying units, and a new story campaign. Usonia sets itself apart from previous factions with a heavy emphasis on air units and area of effect attacks, with virtually all of their mechs dealing splash damage over … Read more

EA is Delisting Several Need for Speed Games Today

EA is delisting several old Need for Speed games today. The news comes from a post made on the Need for Speed Reddit today by community manager Max_Joker. The games will also see their on-line stores closed and their online services shut down. The former will happen today, but online services will continue to run … Read more

Week-Long Warhammer Skulls Premieres June 3; New Game Announcements and Deals

Games Workshop have announced the return of Warhammer Skulls, bringing with it deals and new Warhammer game announcements. Previously known as “Skulls for the Skull Throne” (in reference to the phrase often uttered by worshipers of chaos god Khorne), Warhammer Skulls will reveal new Warhammer and Warhammer 40,000 video games. The developers for both Warhammer … Read more

Bungie is Hiring for a New “Multiplayer Action Game” IP


A couple of months ago, DestinyNews+ spotted a job listing for a multiplayer systems designer at Bungie for an unannounced new IP that would focus on competitive PvP multiplayer and eSports. Now, a second listing for the project has appeared, also spotted by DestinyNews+, this time for “incubation sandbox designer.” More simply, Bungie is looking … Read more