Return of Destiny 2 Weapon Hints at Major Character Death


Spoiler Alert’s Return to Destiny 2 Could Mean Death for One of Its Main Characters Destiny 2’s Spoiler Alert sidearm may be a sign of very bad news for one of the franchise’s major characters. The weapon was first reintroduced into the game in August for Season of the Lost. It was first added to … Read more

Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2 Will Be “Darker” Sequel to Original Game


Could Signal Shift in Tone of Games for Insomniac In a recent podcast, it was revealed that Insomniac Game’s Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will take a “little darker” tone compared to the original Spider-Man game. As Insomniac Games is also working on Marvel’s Wolverine, the two upcoming Marvel games could signal a broader shift from Insomniac’s … Read more

Back 4 Blood’s Launch Trailer Hypes Its Upcoming Release


To celebrate its upcoming release, Turtle Rock Studios just unveiled a brand new launch trailer for Back 4 Blood. This news came by way of the Tokyo Game Show 2021 event, which showcased the following video. While there wasn’t really any new information revealed about Back 4 Blood in the trailer, it certainly does its … Read more

Nintendo Denies Report on 4K Switch Models, No Plans for “Any New Model” Aside From Switch OLED


Nintendo has denied a recent report that it provided tools for development on Nintendo Switch units with 4K support. To clear up any misunderstanding, both for investors and customers, it said that the report “is not true” and that the company has “no plans for any new model” aside from the upcoming Nintendo Switch (OLED). … Read more

New World Day 2 Still Has Thousands Lining up Despite Added Servers


Certain New World Servers Are Just More Popular Than Others New World has just had its second day in the market, and its server queues continue to hit the thousands. Multiple players reportedly even had to wait for hours just in order to experience Amazon’s new MMO for themselves. Since the issue was brought up, … Read more

Fan-Favorite Saber Confirmed for Melty Blood: Type Lumina’s Roster


Will Feature Signature Moves and Abilities from Fate/Stay Night The upcoming fighting game Melty Blood Type Lumina has now confirmed the fan-favorite character Saber to be a playable character in their game. As Melty Blood Type Lumina is based on Type Moon’s visual novel Tsukihime, Saber, better known as Artoria Pendragon or King Arthur, will … Read more

Tales of Luminaria Gets New Gameplay Trailers Revealing Yelsy, Vanessa, & Lucien


Bandai Namco released more trailers of the upcoming mobile JRPG Tales of Luminaria. The trailer showcases more of the Federation-aligned characters available in the game, Yelsy, Vanessa Morax, & Lucien Dufaure. This follows more trailers introducing Leo Fourcade and Celia Arvier, one showcasing Michelle Bouquet, and one featuring Maxime Hasselmans. You can check them out … Read more