8 Lingering Questions We Have After The End Of No More Heroes 3

It has been over a decade since No More Heroes 2 was released on the Nintendo Wii. It, and its predecessor, have been ported to other consoles since. There was also a spinoff, Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes, in 2019. Given those facts, it may not seem like the series has been gone for over a decade, but it's been a long time since a main entry.

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Thankfully it is back now. No More Heroes 3 did answer some questions fans might have been dying to see, such as the whereabouts of Travis' kids. It introduced a lot more questions though and it may be a while before Suda51 returns to answer these mysteries.

There will be spoilers ahead for No More Heroes 3 and the entire series.

No More Heroes IV Or Touchdown Twins: No More Heroes?


If there is going to be a sequel, which game will come next? It could be called No More Heroes 4 and star Travis once again or it could be a spinoff game starring the twins.

It could recount how Hunter and Jeane got to the present day by the end of No More Heroes 3. The sequel could also just be about them in the future with Travis sitting that round out. He’s given a lot to this universe already. He deserves a break.

What Did Travis Want To Talk To Sylvia About?


One of the running gags in No More Heroes 3 has Travis chasing after Sylvia saying he has something to tell her. What is it? He never says it to the audience or to her so it remains a mystery. One could guess it has something to do with their relationship status.

For a couple, Sylvia certainly doesn’t seem very involved in Travis’ life. Travis may want to talk about that or maybe there’s something bigger. One day, we may find out – or they'll just keep the joke running for another game yet.

Who Gave Damon The Bomb?


In between chapters in No More Heroes 3, there are these retro text adventure segments starring Damon. The final one has a mysterious man giving Damon a bomb he then uses to blow up Fu. Who was this stranger?

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Since the end of the game sets up Henry Cooldown as the next main villain, it could have been him in disguise. It could also have been one of his agents. It’s a safe bet to imagine Henry was involved somehow.

Some Islands Remain Blocked


There are five other islands in No More Heroes 3 besides the main open-world city of Santa Destroy. These other districts unlock as the game progresses. However, by the end of the game at least a third of the map, or maybe even half, is still covered up in forbidden signs.

These may be in place for future DLC. That is the hope but more likely it’s just an aesthetic choice to block off parts of each island that were never fully developed.

How Powerful Is Henry Cooldown?


The boss fight with Henry is pretty uneventful. It’s not bad, but Henry doesn’t have anything truly spectacular like a giant robot to throw at Travis – unlike other bosses in No More Heroes 3. The most surprising thing about this fight is that he gets cut in half, stabbed a bunch of times after, and then still lives.

What is Henry made out of and can he ever be killed? It doesn’t make a lot of sense. Since the twins set him up as the villain in the next game, it can be assumed his power levels will be addressed. Someone will find a way to shut him up for good.

Sylvia’s Streams


One of the recurring jokes in No More Heroes 3 has Travis and Bishop stream from Travis’ living room. Most of these segments are just them gushing about movies, specifically Takashi Miike ones. He even appears later in the game for the ultimate callback.

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At one point Sylvia pops in on their stream, which has Bishop compliment Sylvia on her own streams. What does she stream about? Is she a gamer like Travis or does she go around on secret assassination missions? That concept sounds like it could be good for a spinoff game in the series.

Travis’ Death


Henry doesn’t just defy death. He comes back from the dead to kill Travis in the bathroom, which is the ultimate low. He even cuts Travis’ head off which seems like it for Travis. It was a gruesome death.

However, Travis comes back perfectly fine. It’s never explained how. After leaving Deathman he just appears in his coffin, fully clothed, underground but with his head still attached. This is where Takashi Miike pops in. How long he was in there is never explored along with the mystery of how he came back.

Will Travis Be Joining Super Smash Bros.?


The final boss fight in No More Heroes 3 might be a joke or it could lead to something else. This sees Travis fighting Damon in a Super Smash Bros. style arena. It even has the percentage meter and everything.

If Travis makes it in, this would be the ultimate foreshadowing teaser. If he doesn’t make it in, then this boss fight will still be a memorable one.

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