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A New Fast and Furious Game is in Development

Despite the failure of the last Fast and Furious Game, a new one is still in development, and it is based on Netflix Fast and Furious Kids show. The game is called Fast & Furious Spy Racers: Rise Of Sh1ft3r. The game was recently rated in Australia.
It is being developed by Outright Games who have a history of making licensed games for IPs such as Ben 10, Paw Patrol and Hotel Transylvania. Outright Games’ Projects usually do not get acclaim by critics or people, so that I would keep very low expectations.
I do not think that this game will go well because of Outright Games’ Track Record, and it is based on a Show using a very weird art style which just would not fit in a game. I doubt if they can make it work but let’s see, however, good luck to the team behind Fast & Furious Spy Racers: Rise Of Sh1ft3r. Hopefully, they actually manage to make a decent game and not an abomination like the last Fast and Furious Game. I will still keep my expectations very low for the game, though.
Thanks to Twisted Voxel for the source.
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