A New Full-screen Solution Coming Back From Past for Foldable

A New Full-screen Solution Coming Back

Although the concept of full-screen has been around for a long time but suffering from technical reasons. To this day the punch-hole screen and notch cutout screen still has the main market.

In a variety of full-screen solutions, mechanical pop-up structures because the durability was questioned. In the eyes of the majority of consumers mechanical lift structure seems to be easy to damage, and also needs to occupy a considerable piece of space within the inch of the phone, increasing the cost.

In the visual perception of the best optical under-screen front camera and due to technical reasons, resulting in a decline in the quality of the front camera, and in some of the earlier optical under-screen front camera phones, even in daily use can see the front camera covered by the screen.

Even in the case of technological advances now, we can still see the front camera module through the screen enough in a strong light environment, far from the desired effect.

But recently, Digital Chat Station broke the news that a new full-screen solution, an ultra-micro-hole front camera will soon debut on a new foldable screen, the front camera encapsulated in the bezel, does not affect the quality of the screen, and the imaging experience will also be better than under the screen.

A New Full-screen Solution Coming Back
A New Full-screen Solution from past

From the information, this technology is more similar to the improved version of Meizu 16S, in the premise of achieving a narrower bezel installed ultra micro-hole front camera. The aesthetic degree seems to be less than the mechanical lift structure and optical under-screen front camera, but compared to the punch screen and bangs screen should be better on some.

He also pointed out that the ultra-micro-hole front camera technology taken is exactly Google’s Pixel foldable screen engineering machine. In addition to the new front structure, the front of this folding screen engineering machine is more similar to the OPPO Find N, with the smaller overall size of the horizontal in-fold design, in the folded and unfolded states have a better visual perception.

A New Full-screen Solution Coming Back

Of course, it should be noted that this technology has only been applied to the engineering machine, it is not sure if it will be carried in the official release, and may face as many technical problems as the current under-screen optical imaging technology. But despite this, the ultra-micro-hole front camera is still a new full-screen technology to be expected.

Of course, the premise here is that the bezel should remain about the same thickness as the punch screen, otherwise there seems to be little point in using a thick bezel for a non-porous screen for consumers nowadays.

For everyone, mechanical lift structure, optical under-screen front camera, and ultra-micro-hole front camera are three full-screen programs which one do you think is superior?


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