A new look at Plague Tale: Requiem and it's much stabbier than before

The thing that really stuck out to me, a fan of the first game, was stabbing. Amicia, the returning older sister of brother Hugo, and our hero, can now approach enemies from the back and stealth-kill them, reaching over and stabbing them multiple times in the neck – the kind of gruesome move we’ve seen many times in other stealth combat games. Except A Plague Tale, the first game, wasn’t really a stealth combat game – it was more about running away and hiding and being smart. That’s what made it stand out.

Amicia also packs a crossbow in the sequel, which she uses, and she can garrotte people with some chord. All she had in the first game was a slingshot, which wasn’t entirely capable of one-shot kills. It was more of a utility/distraction tool.


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