About Xiaomi 12S Ultra Camera: Sony IMX989 and SUMMICRON

Xiaomi 12S Ultra Camera: Sony IMX989 and SUMMICRON

Xiaomi 12S series will be officially announced on July 4, near the launch, the official began an intensive explosion of information, of which the most attention than the oversized cup Xiaomi 12S Ultra, the main camera capabilities.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra Camera

Xiaomi official announcement, Xiaomi 12S Ultra camera system equipped with the new Sony IMX989, with a complete 1-inch large bottom, is Sony’s largest cell phone camera sensor to date, cell phone image officially entered the complete “1-inch” era.

1-inch super bottom shouted for several years, today finally confirmed by Xiaomi will be carried by the new machine Xiaomi 12S Ultra, although there are also Sony’s cell phones with a 1-inch bottom, in the cell phone shipments on the level of Sony is still worse, which represents the Xiaomi 12S Ultra release, domestic cell phones will be expected to gradually popularize 1-inch CMOS.

It is reported that the machine has a faster focusing speed. At the same time, the advantages of a 1-inch large bottom are very obvious, will have a better dynamic range performance, and night scene ability is expected. Lei Jun said, Sony IMX989 + Leica + Xiaomi Imaging Brain, we are committed to the Xiaomi 12S Ultra into a new generation of peak imaging.

Xiaomi 12S Ultra Camera

In addition to the 1-inch outsole, Lei Jun said the Xiaomi 12S Ultra also uses Leica professional optics – Leica SUMMICRON, 8P, full-lens double-sided ultra-low reverse coating, piece-by-piece edge inking, new cyclic olefin material, reflectivity as low as 0.2%, the light transmission rate of up to 93%, reducing glare and eliminating purple edges.

Compared to the iPhone 13 Pro Max’s sensor, the
172% increase in light-sensitive area, 76% increase in light-sensitive capability, and shocking image quality improvement. 32.5% increase in camera speed, and 11% increase in startup speed, bringing a smooth camera experience.

The announced super large bottom main camera in addition to the burst of information that the machine also has periscopic telephoto support, also to make up for the Xiaomi 12 series of regret.

In addition to this, the machine also and Leica cooperation, a built-in Leica imaging algorithm, the official said from the optics, imaging, image processing, experience, and other smartphone imaging the whole chain is jointly polished, is a comprehensive integration of the imaging capabilities of both sides.

Furthermore, the official also unveiled Xiaomi 12S and Xiaomi 12S Pro camera highlights. They both are equipped with Sony IMX707. Compared to Sony’s IMX766, the area is increased by 48.5% and the light intake is increased by 49%, so the image quality is excellent.

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