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Activision patents method to provide 3D experience in a 2D game

According to a new Activision Patent, which was named “SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR REMASTERING A GAME SPACE WHILE MAINTAINING THE UNDERLYING GAME SIMULATION”, now this name might sound a bit confusing, but the description kind of clears some things up.
The description of this patent states, “Embodiments of the present specification provide systems and methods to provide a 3D experience in a 2D game while using the same underlying gaming engine. A 2D game space representing an axonometric projection is overlaid with 3D visuals in a way that the original 2D simulation can still be used to run the game. In embodiments, a set of custom tools are used to map the 2D ground plane to a 3D ground plane. The 2D objects are then mapped into 3D objects. The 3D game environment corresponding to the original 2D game layout is created at the backend by one or more individuals, using custom graphic tools. Dynamic player remap in 3D is generated in real-time while the player engages with the 2D game. Therefore, while a player is playing the 2D game, a dynamic equivalent of the game in 3D is rendered.” Basically, what this means is that they are trying to create a method where they can provide a 3D Experience in a 2D game or the opposite. This is mostly engine work where they can design a game like a 2D game, but it will still feel like a 3D game to the people. As far as I know, this has never been done in a game before. I think this might be a really helpful method in platformers. I do not know how the “while a player is playing the 2D game, a dynamic equivalent of the game in 3D is rendered.” part will work, though.
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