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Activision Takes Aim At Call of Duty Cheating With New Warning

With a new Call of Duty game on the horizon, it is inevitably going to be full of excited players and some unscrupulous cheaters. While Activision will likely do everything to satisfy the former, the latter is set to face the wrath of even more measures to thwart them. In a tweet via the Call of Duty account, the messaging is clear, there is no room for cheating in the first-person shooter franchise.

In fact, it would not take long before we know more about the anti-cheat measures, with more to come in just a day’s time. If you are part of the community and had to put up with the incessant cheating that has been taking place in Call of Duty, then this would be welcomed news.

Activision warns against cheating in Call of Duty with new measures set to take place.

With Call of Duty: Vanguard arriving on November 5, Activision would not want a repeat of what Call of Duty: Warzone has been going through. Even as developers try their best to counter the cheating, there appears to be no stopping cheaters from invading the Call of Duty world. It probably explains why there is still some skepticism even with the strongly worded message put out.

We will have to wait and see just what happens tomorrow. Either way, a long battle against the scrouge of cheating awaits everyone in the Call of Duty world.

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