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Age of Empires 4 relics – everything you need to know

Age of Empires 4 relics – everything you need to know

So, you want to know about Age of Empires IV relics? These are special religious artifacts that you find dotted about the map in skirmish games, and they have potent effects that can greatly affect your strategy in the mid-to-late game.

Relics are distributed randomly across the map, typically away from the spawn locations of a player’s initial town centre. They can be found in the middle and along the edges of the map, so make sure you look everywhere. They are golden tinged artifacts that will have a trail of golden mist rising from them, and they will also be marked on the minimap once found as well.

Only specific units can pick up and interact with relics, most typically the monk, although it varies depending on which Age of Empires IV civilisation you’re playing as. Relics have two primary uses – to be placed in buildings to gain resources, typically gold, and for religious units to use the ‘conversion’ ability to steal enemy troops. Most religious units can’t be recruited until the Castle Age (Age III). Let’s look at some of the differences with how different factions deal with Relics.

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