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Age of Empires Devs ‘Have Not Forgotten About Age of Mythology’

Have Not Forgotten About Age of Mythology

The developers currently behind the Age of Empires franchise recently did a big proper unveiling for the series’ latest game, Age of Empires IV, but they also talked up its mythological predecessor, and how they “have not forgotten about Age of Mythology.”

The new tease comes from a Q&A (via PCGamer) with Xbox Games Studios subsidiary World’s Edge (the team behind the Definitive Editions of classic Age of Empires games) and Age of Empires IV developer Relic Entertainment, where the developers were asked if Age of Mythology would get the Definitive Edition treatment as well.

“I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: I have not forgotten about Age of Mythology,” franchise creative director Adam Isgreen said. “It comes up all the time.”

While Microsoft did re-release Age of Mythology back in 2014 for Steam, they followed up with a “Tale of the Dragon” expansion in 2016 which added the Chinese civilization and their own mythology – albeit in the original game engine with assets to match.

While Isgreen didn’t confirm a new expansion or a sequel, both Definitive Editions for Age of Empires II and Age of Empires III are getting hefty new expansions rife with new content this year. The original Age of Mythology launched way back in 2002, so fans have been hoping for more after the 2016 expansion.

“Stay tuned,” Isgreen teased. “We have not forgotten about it. I love Age of Mythology. I love mythology in general. We love the franchise. We’re not pretending it’s not there or anything like that. We know.”

Senior executive producer Michael Mann added, “Absolutely we know. We’re listening. We’re 100 percent listening on that request.”

The latest game in the series, Age of Empires IV, seems to be a return to the most beloved entry in the series – Age of Empires II, from its return to the Middle Ages time period to its focus on what made the series popular: a no-nonsense RTS that combines lite management mechanics and expansive tactical combat. You can read more about it here in our preview write up.

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