Age Of Empires Now Runs Doom

Getting Doom to run on random things is one of the longest running jokes for developers. People have got it to run on printers, smart fridges, and even digital pregnancy tests. While I’m not sure what the exact process entails (I just chalk it down to demonic magic), one developer got Doom to run in Age of Empires 2. But it’s not in the way you’d think.

Spotted by DSOGaming, Age of Doom is a fantastic looking mod for Age of Empires 2. While the above “ports” let you play the original Doom on the respective “platform”, this mod lets you take the role of Doomguy using the Age of Empire gameplay mechanics. Developer, HELLKNIGHT 61 has used original AoE assets to create the world, but the Doomguy model as well as the iconic demons have been crafted by them in the original AoE art style.

A short video shows us how it runs, and it’s pretty similar to how RTS games work. You need to select Doomguy and click where you want him to go; clicking on enemies will result in him attacking them with his equipped weapon. However, he can also use some of the mechanics from Doom. You can Sprint, interact with switches, elevators, and teleportation devices. Additionally, your arsenal includes the standard shotgun, double barreled shotgun, rocket barreled shotgun, the BFG and the Soul Cube.

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The mod has a full fledged original campaign which is split into five episodes, with the final one still in development. HELLKNIGHT 61 says that the campaign is inspired by Doom and Doom; even the main antagonist, Betruger, is inspired from the latter.

While this mod looks pretty good, and seems like a fun mashup for fans of both titles, Age of Empires fans don’t seem to be too pleased with the way Age of Empires 4 has been looking ahead of launch. The Naval Warfare teaser which was dropped last month showed off a variety of vessels and massive naval battles that would feature in the game. However many fans pointed out that the visuals and animations looked way below expectations. Some even went as far as saying that it looked similar to the visuals of Age of Empires 2 and 3.

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