Aliens: Fireteam Elite: Tips To Make An OP Technician

The Technician Class in Aliens: Fireteam Elite is quite the wolf in sheep's clothing as under this equipment-covered support soldier exterior is a damage-dealing monster. If built in the right way, the Technician can be more than just a "Marine with a turret".

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Arguably the Technician has the most versatility than the other classes and it's relatively easy to make them really overpowered pretty quickly. This is perfect considering how fast the game's campaign ramps up the difficulty towards the end. So if you're interested in making your own unstoppable overpowered Technician in Aliens: Fireteam Elite, then here are a couple of tips.

Choose A Specialization


The Technician has a lot of toys in their Toybox, and rightfully so for a Support Class. There are landmines, turrets, traps, drones, and elemental ammunition, and whilst other classes can access these consumables as well, the Technicians can enhance them further with Perks making them much more useful.

Specializing in one particular side of these items though can make you unstoppable. For example, leaning into traps and landmines lets you decimate any hordes that stumble in, whilst turret buffs on top of Hardened Elemental auto-guns means you can pick off targets from behind an impenetrable wall of bullets. Find a set of items that works best for your playstyle and set your build around it.


Focus On Cooldown Perks


The Technician's special abilities of a free turret and shock sticks are incredibly useful and being able to drop them as often as possible should be your number one priority. This can be managed easily with the right Cooldown Perks.

For starters using Extended Duration and Compatability Matrixes in its Resident Evil 4 Esque inventory screen will net you a boost to ability duration and damage. Also, it's highly recommended that you power level the Technician to level seven as that's when you unlock all of the space inside the Perk Loadout. Having all that extra room means you can link more cooldown Perks together, letting them Synergize and making them and the abilities they affect become stronger.

Use Universal Perks For Minor Improvements


Whilst you should be using every little space you have in the Perk Loadout screen for cooldowns or ability buffs to increase the effectiveness of your coils and turrets, sticking in some Universal Mods is always worth the extra stat bump. No matter how minimal, any little improvement can help exponentially when things start to get hectic.

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A good pick for modifiers if you’re unsure what to use is anything that buffs CQC weapons or Handguns since that's all the Technician uses. Ideally reload speed, range, or damage bumps as their main weakness is a slow damage output and relatively short range of effectiveness.

Load Up With Weapon Mods


It can't be stressed enough how much you should not ignore the Weapon Mods in Aliens: Fireteam Elite. There are some great upgrades in there, and they can make any class, especially the Technician ridiculously strong in no time at all.

For example, the M37A3 Shotguns Tubular Magazine slot allows for upgrades such as the Overloaded Rounds which cause a small thermal explosion on hit with an AOE. Turning one of the strongest shotguns in the game into an explosion spraying doomsday weapon. The Technicians biggest flaw is DPS and Reload Speed, so try to buff these accordingly.

Keep Your Consumables Full


The main role of the Technician is to drop as much useful tech on the battlefield as possible. Whether that's bullet spewing turrets, elemental-tinged landmines, traps that damage, or slow oncoming hordes and drones that buff damage.

Again these are all used by other Classes, but they really come into their own in the Technician's hands. To make your Tech strong make sure to keep your consumables topped up at all times, as you never want to be short of gadgets in the field. Each item doesn't cost a lot of credits to buy from the Requisitions Officer so always pay him a visit after each mission if you can.

Always Recover Your Turret


The free portable turret ability the Technician has is incredibly useful and can be quite the lifesaver in certain situations. Despite its slightly long cooldown between uses, it's still an extra gun in a firefight and its Flamethrower variant is great at creating breathing room between you and the charging Xenomorph hordes.

But, one thing that's highly recommended in order to make the most of this robotic gunner is to always recover it before you move on. Doing so shortens the time between uses as if left alone it will just sit there for a while before disappearing or until you manually deactivate it with a button press, at which point a 30-second cooldown then activates. Recovering it circumvents this wait time substantially, so always grab it before you go.

Don't Be Stingy With The Charged Coils


The Charged Coils are a Technicians equivalent of grenades and they stick to surfaces or hostiles, release electrical damage on impact and in an AOE as well as slowing movement. Whilst your initial reaction in a third-person shooter would be to horde these, they're rechargeable so throw them as often as you want since you have an unlimited supply.

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They're ideal for bottlenecks and they can help delay Elites that might be getting too close, so you can slip out of their grasp before blasting them apart. Also don't forget to buff them with Coil upgrades that increase their radius, effectiveness, and cooldown. That way you can coat every arena with them.

Don't Over Extend


When you get on a good run with the Technician it can be easy to get overconfident and just charge ahead, but doing so will only get you killed. The Technician can't really handle things on their own, so always try to stay with the group and mop up anything that gets too close during Horde Defence sections.

You should always be sizing up each area for turret, trap, and landmine placement, clearing out large clusters of Xenos mobbing teammates, or focus firing Elites that have breached your lines with a solid shotgun blast. The Technician is a Support Class, so support your team.

The Magnum Is The Best Pistol For Techs


The Technicians get the short end of the stick when it comes to the Handguns. There aren't a lot of good picks, but the best of the bunch is the Kramer .50 Magnum. This heavy-looking hand cannon has a high damage output and shores up the Technician's weakness of having no long-range effectiveness.

Whilst you may think the M10 Auto Pistol is a good way to make up for what the Technician lacks in Fire Rate, it's unreliable, inaccurate, and can chew through ammunition that could have been better used in another gun. So stick with the Magnum as it's a dependable high damage dealer.

The BBQ Blast Combo


There are a lot of guns in Aliens: Fireteam Elite and they allow for an interesting amount of combinations for each particular Class. One particularly strong weapon combination that's perfect for Technicians is pairing the Kramer Short-Barrel Riot Gun with the Type 99 Incinerator.

With this setup, you can burn and blast anything that gets close. You just chargrill them with the Incinerator then give them a big buckshot whack with the Kramer Short-Barrel to finish them off. Plus the Burning Damage from the flamethrower means targets take more damage from incoming attacks so it's a pretty solid combo to use, especially against Elites.

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