Aliens: Fireteam Elite – Tips To Make An Overpowered Demolisher

The Demolisher class is essentially the "Tank" class for Aliens: Fireteam Elite. This class utilizes heavy weapons and area-of-effect abilities, making it the perfect choice to take point in every mission. Much like with the Gunner, there are very few wrong choices with specialization. However, with a few key decisions about how to build your Demolisher, you will find yourself overpowered and mowing down Xenomorphs with ease.

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Stick To The Smartgun


In games where you have tons of options for weapons, it's easy to feel like you need to swap out your weapons for new ones. In the case of the Demolisher class, you should be using the Smartgun every time you play.

Grenades, Grenade Launchers, and Rocket Launchers may wow you with their destructive potential, but no gun will be as useful as a fully-leveled Smartgun. Featuring high damage, plenty of ammunition, and the ability to auto-target enemies, the Smartgun will ensure you deal continuous damage as your team gets swarmed by Xenomorphs.

Replace Your Micro Rockets


The "ability replacer" options for Demolisher allow you to swap your Micro Rockets for either Concussive Rockets or Napalm Rockets. The Concussive Rockets deal less damage, but have a larger explosion and knock down enemies. Napalm Rockets shoot 12 projectiles that create large fiery fields, damaging enemies. The initial blast is less powerful, but the damage over time from the fire will help considerably.

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While you can only choose one of the two replacements, both will be more useful than the three rockets in your base Micro Rockets ability. When paired with Blastwave (your other ability slot), you will be able to continuously hurt or push back the horde of Xenomorphs with either replacement rocket.

Use Perks To Upgrade Your Passive


Demolisher's passive ability, Clear The Room, grants bonus damage for activating the ability and one bonus stack per enemy hit by said ability. When swarmed by Xenomorphs, this damage bonus will save your life.

Modifiers like Loud & Clear and Quick & Dirty both give excellent bonuses to Clear The Room. Loud & Clear increases damage for your two main abilities by 20 percent and generates an additional stack of Clear The Room. Quick & Dirty cools down your two abilities for every stack of Clear The Room that is lost when it expires.

Acquire Attachments That Upgrade Ammo Capacity


For your weapons, you should do everything you can to find or purchase magazine and armature upgrades that increase your ammo capacity. The best Demolishers can sustain continuous fire without having to reload. By increasing the magazine size for your Rifle slot, Demolishers can step to the front of the team and thin the oncoming Xenomorph horde, especially if you run out of ammo for your Smartgun.

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You should go out of your way to find and use the Drum Magazine – it will increase your magazine size and maximum ammo capacity by 20 percent each. For the Smartgun, acquiring the Max Capacity Armature will give a 30 percent boost to your maximum ammo capacity, as well as a 20 percent boost to gun handling.

Use Attachments That Increase Smartgun Damage


The Smart Gun compensates for its incredible auto-aiming by limiting ammo capacity and having a lower damage rating. Luckily, some attachments feature damage boosts, allowing you to make up for starting with lower damage on the gun.

One of the most effective attachments early in the game is the Extended Flash Hider, which gives a 25 percent boost to Effective Range and on every weak point hit, triggers a small explosion dealing 5 percent bonus splash damage – hurting everything in a 2.5-meter radius. This attachment will not help a lot later on in the game, but it provides an easy way to farm experience and credits on a lower level, building to more effective attachments for higher difficulties.

Attach The Rapid Deployment Perk To Your Micro/Napalm/Concussion Rockets


The Rapid Deployment Perk decreases the cooldown of the skill it is attached to by 20 percent, allowing you to use it more often.

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As a Demolisher, using the Micro Rockets or either of its two replacements is critical for success. Cooling down the skill faster allows you to keep firing your rockets into a crowd, helping keep the Xenomorphs off your team.

Use Multiple Force Multiplier Perks On Your Rockets


Attaching multiple Force Multiplier perks to your Rockets ability will quickly turn the tide against large swarms and powerful Xenomorph variants.

Giving damage boosts to your rockets, especially the modified ones with slightly lower damage, will help swing the odds in your favor on every level. Stacking multiple Force Multipliers will make your Rockets formidable no matter what you choose, be it the Micro Rockets, Napalm Rockets, or Concussion Rockets.

Use The Rampage Core Perk


Rampage is a Core Perk for Demolishers only that grants one stack perk enemy. At 25 stacks, your fire rate, reload speed, and movement speed are all greatly increased.

Stability is decreased for eight seconds, but it doesn't matter if you are using the smart gun. You will be automatically aiming at enemies, so stability won't matter as much. The reload speed, however, for your Smartgun, will be critical.

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