Among Us is getting a hide and seek mode and new map

Among Us is getting a hide and seek mode and new map

Among Us has heaps of cool things coming your way. Developer InnerSloth revealed during the Summer Game Fest stream that it's got a rough roadmap of goodies that'll come out in no particular order.

The Among Us team is working on a new mode that's based on hide and seek. There aren't more details than that, but you can guess how it'll go. A short clip shows one seeker mulling around as they try to find a rabble of crewmates that are littered around the map hiding. We've got one hiding in the bathroom, and another among some snowmen. InnerSloth also revealed that they're working on the game's fifth map, though there isn't much to show off yet.

You're also getting new roles such as sheriff and scientist. What that entails, however, wasn't shared, so sit tight. There's good news for those of you who are looking for more customisation options. Soon you'll be able to colour your wee beans tan, maroon, grey, banana, and coral – you're getting more cosmetics, too. If you're more of an achievement hunter, there's something on the roadmap for you, too – Among Us is getting achievements. During a short clip, we see one player get one for racking up five kills.

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