Among Us Patch Fixes Exploits and Bugs, Hides Task Arrows From Comms Sabotage

Among Us

Innersloth has released a new update for Among Us which brings the usual range of balance changes and bug fixes. Balance changes include Comms Sabotage hiding the task arrows and the Comms red light no longer immediately responding to the right position. The former should offer an advantage to impostors at the very least.

Among the bug fixes include fixing the camera flinging on security cams, being able to reach Polus panels through walls and the temperature mini-game for iOS users. The align engine exploit and softlock, along with an exploit to complete the reactor/seismic device solo has been fixed. This is all likely to prepare for the next map, which will be revealed at The Game Awards.

The developer is currently working on accounts to ensure that reporting and moderation is in place as soon as possible. Furthermore, the developer is also looking to localize the game into as many languages as possible with French, German, Russian, Japanese, Korean and more on the cards. And thanks to issues with inappropriate ads on mobile, they’ve been removed until 2021.

Balance changes

  • Comms sabotage hides task arrows
  • Comms red light no longer immediately responds to the correct position

Bug fixes

  • Fixed camera flinging on security cams
  • Fixed inaccurate admin table on Polus
  • Fixed Polus panels reachable through walls
  • Fixed temperature mini-game in Polus for iOS
  • Fix solo-complete reactor/seismic exploit
  • Fix align engine exploit and softlock

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