Amouranth Is Working On A Hot Tub Gameshow

Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa is back in the news thanks to her recent tweets. The streamer revealed that she will be working on two upcoming projects. The first is a documentary about her life as a streamer and in general, the second involves being a gameshow girl in a hot tub.

“TWO EXCITING PROJECTS IN THE WORKS!” she tweeted from her personal account. “A documentary produced by a big media org about my life (on stream and off)…. And being a GAMESHOW GURL? …in a hot tub?”

Amouranth and hot tubs have a long history together. The streamer was pretty well known for her hot tub streams on Twitch. However, the Hot Tub Meta ordeal soon led to Twitch banning the mention of hot tubs and even suspended her ad revenue. Things eventually calmed down when Twitch introduced a separate channel for hot tub streams, which was later taken over by otters for some reason.

However, with the hot tub meta done and dusted, Amouranth and fellow streamer Indiefoxx started a new type of stream which involved them licking and farting into microphones as some sort of ASMR. Needless to say, that earned them another ban and flak from viewers and other streamers alike.

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Most recently however, Amouranth became a victim of the rising hate towards streamers. Last month, the streamer revealed that somebody tried to set her house on fire. Fortunately nobody was hurt and the fire was put out before any major damage could be done. The authorities suspect that it was arson.

Another popular streamer, xQc was forced to move out of his home in Texas as he was constantly being swatted. He gave an update about his living conditions in a recent tweet and said that he couldn’t go back home because people kept breaking in. “Millionaire by the way, moving house every two weeks? I have to move out dude, I can’t even go back to my house man, it’s not safe.”

“Yeah, I don’t know,” he continued after a long pause. “Maybe if people stop showing up to the fucking house and stop fucking breaking in maybe I’d go home dude. Jesus Christ.”

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