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AndaSeat T-Compact Gaming Chair Review: Admirable Performance, Uninspired Design

Gaming chairs are a dime a dozen these days, and there’s no shortage of choices regardless of your budget. AndaSeat’s T-Compact falls towards the center of the pricing spectrum – listed for $399.99 – and at first glance doesn’t do much to separate itself from the competition.

However, if you’re able to look past its run-of-the-mill design, the T-Compact offers one of the most comfortable seats in the sub-$500 price range. It’s not perfect, but this premium chair works hard to stand among the gaming elite – and its efforts are largely successful.

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AndaSeat T-Compact Full Specifications

  • Material: Linen Fabric
  • Base: Aluminum
  • Framework: AD S+
  • Foam: AD Mold Foam
  • Tilt Angle: 160 Degrees
  • Armrest: 4-Directional Adjustments
  • Weight: 29.5kg
  • Maximum Load Static: 170kg
  • Maximum Load Dynamic: 120kg
  • Maximum Height: 200cm
  • Warranty: Five years

Derivative Design Choices

The first thing I noticed after assembling the T-Compact (which took about 20 minutes) is its incredibly familiar design. In fact, if you remove the AndaSeat branding and throw it in a lineup of three other gaming chairs, I guarantee you’ll have a hard time figuring out which one it is. When it comes to design cues, AndaSeat followed the “gaming chair playbook” down to every last letter.

Aggressive angles, a race car-esque footprint, removable lumbar support and headrest, and swooping side cushions that curve slightly around the side of your body are all here – and they’re also present on just about every other gaming chair on the market.

But how a chair looks is only half the battle. So long as it’s comfortable and reliable, it’s hard to knock standard design choices. And, to Anda Seat’s credit, the T-Compact makes for an excellent throne while both gaming and working.

Looks Can Be Deceiving


While the AndaSeat T-Compact looks like a standard gaming chair, I found it to be slightly more comfortable than several others in the same price range. That’s largely due to the Re-Dense Molded Foam seat, which prevented the seat from becoming squishy over time and provided continuous support throughout my testing. Supportive yet soft, the performance offered by T-Compact is leagues above other gaming chairs in the same class.

Its impressive recline range of 160 degrees was also a nice touch, as even chairs with larger price tags don’t offer as much flexibility. I didn’t find much use for it – I don’t often fall asleep at my desk – but offering the functionality will likely be a huge selling point for some customers.

Anda Seat’s biggest issues are the removable headrest and lumbar support. The team was wise to make them removable, as I found them to be a bit stiff and uncomfortable for my liking. They also had a tendency to shift throughout my gaming sessions, and too often I’d find myself reaching back to reposition them. After a very short time, I decided to go without them.


If you can look past its uninspired design and underwhelming lumbar and headrest supports, there’s a lot to like about the Anda Seat T-Compact. Its Re-Dense cushion is arguably one of the best in its class, there are dozens of adjustment options available, it reclines to a staggering 160 degrees, and it’s built on a reliable steel and aluminum frame that should last you for years. Anyone looking for a comfortable gaming chair under $500 should give the T-Compact a moment of their time.

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An AndaSeat T-Compact was provided to TheGamer for this review.

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