Animal Crossing’s Amiibo Cards Series 1-4 And Sanrio Sets Are Back At Target

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is well over a year old now, but the demand for its elusive amiibo cards never quite ended. There's good news though for those of you still on the hunt, it seems Target is restocking series 1-4 packs, and those adorable Sanrio-themed cards, across the US.

Nintendo says it plans on restocking the original Animal Crossing 1-4 series cards for their typical retail price of $5.99 in select Target stores. As usual, these sets—which originally launched with Happy Home Designer on the 3DS—come with five regular village cards and one special character card.

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The Sanrio collection will also make its return, which also retails for that $5.99 price tag and includes six cards. Instead of your typical villagers like Rosie, Fang, and other friends, you'll collect adorable companions like Cinnamoroll, My Melody, and Hello Kitty. The charming crossover launched earlier in March of this year, and they sold out just as fast as they launched. On Twitter, fans have pointed out the special collaboration packs and original series are already out in the wild.

Target's official website doesn't have them available to ship, but it does tell you if they're available near you. It seems they also aren't available for pickup or drive up, so if you're looking to grab a few packs, you'll have to visit the store in person.

Animal Crossing's cards have historically been pretty difficult to get your hands on, but it sounds like Nintendo is keen to keep them coming, even years after launch. The latest entry on Switch, New Horizons, still makes use of the collection, and you may have another reason to return soon as Nintendo just promised more updates will come to the game later this year.

As for what you'll see in future updates, that part isn't clear, but an earlier datamine indicated that we may see the return of Brewster—the loveable owl who runs the coffee shop in previous entries like Wild World and New Leaf.

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