Answered: Your Switch OLED Dock Questions

Nintendo Switch OLED Model is coming in October, and along with its new screen and expanded audio capabilities, it will also be launching with a different iteration of the dock. We touched on the dock briefly here, but doubtlessly some of you still have some lingering questions about the refreshed peripheral. Let’s cover the basics:

  • 2 USB ports
  • 1 wired LAN port
  • 1 HDMI port

What some of you might be more curious about is whether or not you can get a new dock separately and which Switch models it works with. First off, yes, you can order a dock separately, but not at retail—only through Nintendo’s website. Secondly, any Switch model (except for Switch Lite, which is not capable of connecting to a TV) will work in the OLED dock. What’s more, the OLED Model will work in any original Switch dock, although Nintendo says a system update might be required to do so.

Thankfully straightforward stuff here, but if there are any lingering questions, do hit up this FAQ. If you’re wondering how you’ll keep your new OLED Model clean and protected, Nintendo has you… covered. A pun! Sorry. Anyway, the Nintendo Switch OLED Model Carrying Case & Screen Protector Kit is on the way:

Interestingly, the kit comes with a screen protector for both the OLED Model and a baseline Switch. The Carrying Case & Screen Protector Kit will be available on 10.08, as well. Hopefully, this has helped clear up any lingering questions anyone might have about Switch OLED. However, if you’re still curious about something, drop your question in the comments!

Source: Nintendo Switch OLED Model FAQ Page & Twitter Page

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