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Apex Legends – 10 Best Loba Cosplay Costumes

Today’s most popular battle royale game is a perfect inspiration for cosplay, and this time we took a closer look at the top 10 Loba cosplays we could find online!

We have previously published a list of our best 15 Apex Legends Cosplay Costumes for All Characters. However, since we found so many beautiful and unique creations about Loba, we had to make a separate list of them!

In the list below you will find the 10 best creations that can be found on the internet so far, a full battle gear or even a beautiful cosplay makeup creation. If you feel like playing with her, visit our Loba guide, where you will find valuable information about Loba’s abilities, weapons, and how to play with her in general.

Fraulein Milk’s Loba


Loba Cosplay by Fraulein Milk | Apex Legends

Follow Fraulein Milk

Twitter: Fraulein Milk
Instagram: Fraulein Milk
Twitch: Fraulein Milk
Patreon: Fraulein Milk
Ko-fi: Fraulein Milk

Sosenka’s Loba


Loba Cosplay by Sosenka | Apex Legends

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Twitter: Sosenka
Facebook: Sosenka
Instagram: Sosenka
Patreon: Sosenka

Sydeon’s Loba


Follow Sydeon

Twitter: Sydeon
Instagram: Sydeon
Twitch: Sydeon

Sarenji’s Loba


Loba Cosplay by Sarenji | Apex Legends

Follow Sarenji

Twitter: Sarenji
Instagram: Sarenji
Ko-fi: Sarenji
The dress was made by: EZCosplay Costumes

Sandy’s Loba


Loba Cosplay by Sandy | Apex Legends

Follow Sandy

Twitter: Sandy
Facebook: Sandy

Diana’s Loba


Loba Cosplay by Diana | Apex Legends

Follow Diana

Twitch: Aquarelled
Instagram: Aquarelled

Hannah Stocking’s Loba


Loba Cosplay by Hannah Stocking | Apex Legends

Follow Hannah Stocking

Twitter: Hannah Stocking
Instagram: Hannah Stocking
Facebook: Hannah Stocking

Angelika’s Bootlegger Loba


Bootlegger Loba Cosplay by Angelika | Apex Legends

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Tiktok: Angelika
Instagram: Angelika
Twitch: Angelika
Twitter: Angelika

NessPhace’s Loba


Loba Cosplay by NessPhace | Apex Legends

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Twitch: NessPhace
Instagram: NessPhace
Tiktok: NessPhace
Twitter: NessPhace

Annaelise’s Loba


Loba Cosplay by Annaelise | Apex Legends

Follow Annaelise

Tiktok: officiallyaea

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