Apex Legends: Best Octane Skins

As one of the most popular Battle Royale games out currently, it comes as no surprise that there are a lot of reasons why so many people play Apex Legends. From the unique characters to the powerful weapons, the game has many things for you to enjoy as you play it.

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The characters you can play as, also known as Legends, each have their own individual personalities and stories of how they came to participate in the games. Typically, everyone who plays the game has their own favorite Legend that they try to play constantly. One Legend that is still popular among fans is Octane and to make him that bit cooler, he has a ton of skins that you can apply to him.



Cost: No Cost

Class: None – This is the skin you start off with for Octane

Octane is not one of the Legends that you get for free when you first download the game. You need to earn enough in-game currency to be able to unlock him but when you do, you will instantly have this skin applied to him. It's similar to the starter skins for all of the other characters as it's quite plain in comparison to the other skins.

The deep shade of lime-green that runs through the skin has become synonymous with Octane and the color is similar to that of the stim injections that allow him to run quickly.



Cost: 60 Crafting Metals

Class: Rare

The Prowess skin for Octane is in the Rare class so there is a good chance that you could earn this skin as a reward from an Apex Pack. If you're not lucky enough to earn it, you can always spend 60 Crafting Metals to unlock it. The pattern on the skin is similar to the patterning of a Cheetah and as it's an animal that is well-known for being fast, it's a perfect fit for Octane.

Each Legend in the game has 3 abilities that are unique to them and if you master them, you can use them to give you the edge in battle. Octane's speed ability makes him one of the favorites to have on your team to have the best team compositions.



Cost: 30 Crafting Metals

Class: Common

Limelight is in the Common class of skins, so you've got a really good chance of getting this in an Apex pack. However, when you're a high level in the game it is much harder to be rewarded with a Pack and the rewards are less frequent. It will cost you 30 Crafting Metals to buy if you want it.

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The coloring of the skin is yet again, green, which is the color that is associated with Octane. However, the name of the skin is why it's made it onto this position on the list. When you learn the reason why Octane joined the Apex Games, you learn that he is a Class A Show-Off that did high-risk stunts for his fans online. Having a skin named Limelight is fitting.

Peel Out


Cost: 60 Crafting Metals

Class: Rare

Octane has many skins that make him look effortlessly cool on the battlefield but this isn't one of them. The Peel Out skin shows the more light-hearted side of the Legend and it's covered in small images of Banana peels. Often, Octane can be seen to joke around with other Legends and many of his quips are him messing about too.

Banana peels are known for being slippery if you step on them which makes it all the more amusing that a character whose main power is running, is wearing something that's anti-running.



Cost:60 Crafting Metals

Class: Rare

Volcanic is another Rare skin for Octane but 60 Crafting Metals are easy to come by so it's worth purchasing if you want it. Many of the skins for him are variations on the same style of skin and this one is no different. The style is the same as his original skin, but the altered color scheme makes it feel different.

The skin itself is static but the fiery color scheme makes Octane seem more powerful than he already is. Even though he jokes around, he can be lethal if you come up against him on an enemy team and this skin is a reminder that he is as dangerous as fire.

Circuit Breaker


Cost: 60 Crafting Metals

Class: Rare

The Circuit Breaker skin for Octane is one that you could find in an Apex Pack but if you don't find it there, it's worth buying it simply because it looks awesome. The skin is covered in light blue lines that mimic bolts of electricity coursing throughout the skin.

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The pattern looks like lightning bolts which could be another symbol of Octane's speed. It's common to refer to someone who runs fast as being as fast as lightning, therefore the saying suits him perfectly.

Daemon Hunter


Cost: 400 Crafting Metals

Class: Epic

Daemon Hunter is one of the few skins for Octane that is animated. For this reason alone, it stands out among the other skins but it's still another variation of his original skin. One of the most noticeable differences with this skin is that the color of Octane's goggles has shifted to a threatening red color.

The animation on the skin consists of red patterns starting at his head then trickling down to his feet before starting again. The formation of the animation almost matches that of a heartbeat and the coloring could be inferred as blood. However you see this skin, it's definitely one of Octane's more intimidating ones.

Heat Sync


Cost: 400 Crafting Metals

Class: Epic

This is another one of Octane's few animated skins and though the animation pattern on this one is subtle, it's still very powerful. The deep Orange pattern of the skin flows from head to toe repeatedly which gives the illusion that parts of it are pulsing.

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There's something about this skin that is ominous and that may be because the color scheme is almost the same as another Legend, Revenant. Revenant's ultimate ability is terrifying to come up against in the game, let alone in one of the darker areas and the similarities in the color scheme could be why Heat Sync feels spooky.

The Victory Lap


Cost: 1,200 Crafting Metals


The Victory Lap skin for Octane is believed to be one of the best Legend skins in the game and it's not too hard to see why. Before Octane joined the games he was a daredevil who did death-defying stunts for the fun of it and he gained quite a following of fans.

The style of this skin feels like something Octane would have worn back in his stunt days. It's nice to get a glimpse at pre-Apex Octane and his world through something as simple as a cosmetic.

Speed Demon


Cost: 1,200 Crafting Metals

Class: Legendary

Speed Demon is one of the few Legendary Class skins and though it is a static skin, it stands out among the rest. The style is different from the rest but it keeps the characteristic Octane goggles. The entire cosmetic is a visual representation of how cool Octane knows he is.

This skin also gives you a glimpse of how he really looks behind the mask. Granted, it's only a glimpse of his hair but it's enough. The speed at which Octane can run is definitely inhuman and he is truly a speed demon.

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