Apex Legends players call for another Crypto rework after “frustrating” Season 12 changes

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Apex Legends players are calling on Respawn for more Crypto adjustments after players expressed concern with his new kit following a Season 12 update.

Crypto is certainly one of Apex Legends’ harder-to-use characters thanks to the complexity of his deployable drone tactical ability.

Though Crypto received a notable rework in Season 12 that aimed to make him stronger and more accessible, some have found it’s actually done the opposite.

Now, players are calling on Respawn to either revert Crypto’s kit back entirely or add more changes to him in order to alleviate newfound dissatisfaction.

Apex Legends demand more Crypto changes

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Crypto received a rework in Season 12 that allowed him to throw his drone out in a straight line, even letting it stick to surfaces.

On May 28, a post on the Apex Legend’s subreddit gained traction when a player point out how Crypto had actually been nerfed rather than buffed like intended.

The post was written by user Kai-ni and was titled, “Crypto’s ‘buff’ was more of a nerf. Hear an average Crypto Main out.” They also explain that Crypto’s rework “definitely feels more like a nerf” at the moment and laid out a handful of key issues they’ve found with his current kit.

Kai-ni claims Crypto essentially feels “a lot more clunky” thanks to lengthy drone animations and the amount of noise Crypto’s drone makes holding him back.

“Absolutely agree with everything you’ve stated. The rework was ok-ish initially but over time more of the issues surfaced,” said user “acidporkbuns,” who echoed the sentiments of many other Crypto mains.

Crypto’s ‘buff’ was more of a Nerf. Hear an average Crypto Main out. from apexlegends

After just one day, Kai-ni’s post received over 60 comments with the majority of Reddit users agreeing that Crypto needs more adjustment to really shine again. Kai-ni supports their ideas for Crypto’s rework with the fact that his pick rate in both Season 12 and 13 has been lower than ever.

As for what buffs Crypto could receive, Kai-ni and other Reddit users suggested giving Crypto’s drone the health it had before the rework to make it less flimsy.

Additionally, ideas like shortening Crypto’s drone animations, lowering the drone’s audio, and speeding up throwing his drone out were also met with support.

Only time will tell if Respawn takes this community feedback to heart or not. One thing seems clear: Crypto mains aren’t content with where the surveillance Legend is sitting at the moment.

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