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Apple will be reponing stores after closing them early in the year due to the coronavirus. Apple originally closed down its stores in March, reopened in May, and closed down again in June. Apple hopes to keep its doors open again for the holiday season.

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple is planning to reopen its stores with extra cautions in terms of COVID-19 protections. The California-based tech company will require customers to schedule appointments to visit the stores in most locations, though the exact date of when the stores may open is not yet known, and Apple has not yet responded.

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Apple’s largest competitor in the computer world, Microsoft, closed down all but four locations after finding success with online sales during the pandemic. It will be interesting to see if Apple can capitalize on being a location that customers can visit physically.


It is likely that Apple is opening its doors again at least partially so that it can sell devices over the holiday, and perhaps its newest phone as efficiently as possible. Once fans find out when the iPhone 12 will release and how much it will cost, they will probably appreciate being able to purchase the phone both online and in person.

With the recent iPhone 12 leak, fans have rushed online to find any concrete information on the smartphone. With the iPhone 11 having been released only a year ago, some are frustrated that Apple may already be releasing an updated phone. The new iterations seemingly come out before users can even get used to their current device, as the iPhone SE was also announced recently. Whether for servicing purposes, holiday rush, or to sell new devices, having Apple stores open will likely help the gigantic company.

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Source: Bloomberg

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