Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack is Just $86.99 Right Now [12% Off]

Pay just $86.99 for Apple MagSafe Battery Pack.

You don’t have to pay full price for Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack today as Amazon is selling it at a discounted price of $86.99.

Save 12% on Apple’s MagSafe Battery Pack Today and Charge Your iPhone Wirelessly on the Go

The MagSafe Battery Pack will usually sell for anything around $99, but thanks to a limited time sale, you can save 12% on the $99 MSRP and pay just $86.99.

Buy Apple MagSafe Battery Pack – Portable Charger with Fast Charging Capability – Was $99, now just $86.99

The MagSafe Battery Pack is made with iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 in mind. It snaps onto the back of those phones and starts charging immediately. There are no buttons or switches to turn charging on or off. It’s all magical.

Since the charger works seamlessly with iOS, therefore you can expect it to preserve battery health and it will stop charging at a certain level, which is extremely handy as it keeps your iPhone and its battery safe.

You can use the Battery Pack as a regular MagSafe charger as a well. Simply leave the charger connected to your iPhone and plug in a Lightning cable into the pack itself. It will charge the iPhone and the charger at the same time.

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