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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Who Should You Give The Horse To In The Dark Horse Quest?

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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey features amazing open-world locations and quests, especially within the Fate Of Atlantis DLC. This expansion pack is full of amazing adventures, and a lot of the quests within it have important choices that you can make, including the ‘Dark Horse’ quest.

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The ‘Dark Horse’ quest is an important quest in Fate Of Atlantis, and there are a few different ways to finish it depending on your actions during the mission. There are also a few other important things to learn about this quest, such as how you are allowed to approach combat and which choice finishes the quest quickly. Here’s a guide for each step of the “Dark Horse” quest, every choice you can make, and what you obtain for completing it.

How To Complete The ‘Dark Horse’ Quest


The first step is to travel to Persephone’s Akropolis. You can use the Wings Of Hermes to teleport to this location quickly.

Once you’ve teleported, talk to Persephone, who is found near the end of the Akropolis. Using your horse is a good idea since it will allow you to travel to Persephone faster. You can interact with the door whenever you want, but make sure to synchronize with the location first if you haven’t already.

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Once you speak with Persephone, you’ll quickly learn that her horse has been taken, and it’s your job to find it. You have to travel to the Asphodel Arboretum to find the horse, but unfortunately, it has many guards inside it. You can either approach this quest with stealth or take a less than subtle approach if that’s more your style. Either way, defeating the Kolossi Soldiers first ensures that you’ll have fewer enemies to fight during the main battle.

Defeat as many guards as you want during the fight, but keep in mind that this objective doesn’t require you to defeat every guard since you can initiate dialogue once you find the horse regardless of how many enemies you defeat.

Tip: If you want to complete the ‘Dark Horse’ quest quickly, then sneak past most of the guards. You can find a Torch Of Hypnos inside this location, so destroy it if you so choose. Finish completing the location if you wish, then continue inside the Arboretum to progress in the quest.

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The side of the Arboretum features a window from which you can enter; however, there are guards nearby, so you’ll have to use stealth if you want to avoid a fight. You will find the horse once you enter the Arboretum, but it’s not alone. Now you have to speak with the Blind Man named Mulios about the horse.

While speaking with this character, you’re offered an important choice that will change the quest completely depending on your decision. You can either return the horse to Persephone, deliver it to Adonis, or allow the blind man to keep it.

This decision will change the dialogue and the objectives you receive for the rest of the quest, so make sure to think about your decision carefully. Here are guides for each decision and the outcome for all of them.

Allow Mulios To Keep The Horse

If you allow Mulios to keep the horse during your conversation with him in the Arboretum, then you can’t deliver it to Persephone or Adonis. This choice is up to you, but allowing Mulios to keep the horse is the least exciting option in terms of dialogue; however, it’s also the easiest since you won’t have to take the horse to either of the other characters.

Deliver The Horse To Persephone

Once you’ve made the decision to deliver the horse to Persephone’s Jockey, you can begin to ride it, which will make your journey much quicker. The Asphodel Fields is your objective location for this path, so you need to ride it there and deliver it to the jockey to complete the quest. You won’t have to fight any more enemies during the mission with this option, but it will take longer than leaving the horse with Mulios since you have to travel to the fields.

Deliver The Horse To Adonis

There is a character that you can give the horse to on behalf of Adonis. Ride the horse to Minos’s Faith and meet with the character who will take the horse from you. Similar to the Persephone route, you won’t have to fight more enemies, but traveling to Minos’s Faith takes extra time that isn’t required if you allow Mulios to keep the horse.

Talk To Persephone

After you’ve made your decision and finished delivering the horse to the character of your choice, you have to return to Persephone at Persephone’s Akropolis and speak with her. You can tell Persephone about what occurred during the quest. Once you’ve spoken with Persephone, the quest will complete, and you will receive your rewards. All of the rewards you receive are listed below.

Every Reward You Receive For Completing The “Dark Horse” Quest


Similar to other quests in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and the expansion packs, ‘Dark Horse’ grants you a few different rewards upon completion. Firstly, you’ll receive experience points for completing the mission. However, there are also a few rewards that you can use in the world.

You’ll be given Legendary Drachmae for a job well done, but the most notable reward comes in the form of the legendary skin for Phobos, titled ‘Orphnaeus’, as shown above. This horse skin is worth completing the ‘Dark Horse’ quest to obtain since it’s one of the best horse skins in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. This skin is only cosmetic, so it doesn’t offer any statistical bonus for Phobos. The skin features a dark color and glowing red eyes, which are rare traits for a horse even in the mythical world of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

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