Astroneer announced for Nintendo Switch


Astroneer is coming to the Nintendo Switch next year. It was revealed as part of the Nintendo Indie World Showcase.

Since its Steam Early Access launch in 2016 and subsequent full release in 2019, Astroneer‘s interplanetary survival sandbox adventure has been enjoyed by over six million space travelers. System Era has upgraded the game more than 25 times since the 1.0 release, adding Automation, Missions, and a full Creative Mode.

When playing Astroneer, it’s not uncommon to think that it would be better to play it on a portable console. System Era Softworks has seen this opportunity and has not thought twice about developing a version based on the 1.0 for the Nintendo Switch.

The game celebrates space travel, providing a galaxy of worlds for solitary gamers and companions to explore. Excavate using the terrain tool in the game to gather important materials for developing new technology. Build and modify bases, conquer the difficulties of many biomes, and discover the mysteries at the center of the solar system.

Astroneer is already available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam. The Nintendo Switch version of the game is coming in early 2022. It’ll include additional exclusive content.

Watch the Astroneer announce trailer for the Nintendo Switch below!

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