Atomic Heart Resurfaces, Now Coming To PS5 And Xbox Series X With Music By Mick Gordon

atomic heart

Atomic Heart is a name that you probably haven’t heard in quite some time. Originally revealed in 2018, the game was coming from Russian developer Mundfish. It was a BioShock-style shooter that took place in an alternate history Soviet-era facility where things have gone horrifically wrong with its robotic inhabitants. Since that reveal, we have only seen a few tech demos and cinematics, leading many to think the game could be dead. But it seems that isn’t the case, as it has resurfaced, with a few new things to show off.

The developer showed off a lengthy gameplay trailer, which you can see below. Here they also confirmed that the game will still be coming to current systems, but is also bound for next generation consoles as well. And as a nice kick, it seems it’ll also have some heavy metal tunes from beloved composer Mick Gordon, known for his intense soundtrack for the latest DOOM games.

There’s still no word on when we can actually expect to see Atomic Heart, so I imagine it will still be quite some time. For now, you can see the progress that’s being made to the game, and hopefully it won’t vanish for another year.

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