Creative Assembly are investigating “deeply concerning and serious allegations” of abuse at the studio


Creative Assembly have responded to allegations of abuse within the company regarding a former employee and have vowed to investigate. The Total War developer say they’re working with an “external party” on the investigation and have asked former employees to share their experiences if they “feel able to do so.” Read more Original Article

Diablo 4 claimed to be launching in April 2023


Fresh hell could arrive in April 2023 in the form of a Diablo 4 launch, if new rumours are accurate. Windows Central and the XboxEra podcast both say they’ve heard the release window from sources. That’s not all, as details of the fantasy action RPG’s release could be announced on December 8th at The Game … Read more

Kerbal Space Program 2 rockets into early access in February


Space flight simulation sequel Kerbal Space Program 2 will finally get to take off in early access on PC on February 24th, 2023, devs Intercept Games have announced. The early access version of the game will allow you to fully travel around the Kerbolar system – can’t quite believe I typed that – which has … Read more

Amazon share first official look at the Fallout TV show


To celebrate Fallout‘s 25th anniversary this week, Amazon Prime Video have released the first official glimpse of their upcoming Fallout TV show. Amazon posted a screengrab from the show on Twitter last night, depicting three Vault 33 dwellers staring at a silhouette coming in or out of the Vault – and what appears to be … Read more