Godzilla, Evangelion, Pro Wrestling, And More: The Inspiration Behind Final Fantasy 16’s Eikon Combat


I recently went hands-on with Final Fantasy XVI, the next mainline entry in the long-running series due out on PlayStation 5 this summer, to play roughly two hours of the game. Most of that playtime consisted of me controlling Clive as I battled alongside ally Cidolfus Telamon (always a Cid, right?) through a castle dungeon. … Read more

Final Fantasy 16: Clive Beats Dante, According to Former Devil May Cry Dev Ryota Suzuki


If you’ve paid any attention at all to Final Fantasy XVI, you likely already know how action-forward this game is. It’s easily the farthest a mainline Final Fantasy game has ever been from its traditional turn-based roots, with FFXVI being easily the most action-heavy yet. That’s not surprising, though, considering the game’s combat director is … Read more

Sony Unveils Limited Edition LeBron James PlayStation 5 Accessories


Sony has announced a new collaborative initiative called PlayStation PlayMakers. The console giant will partner up with celebrity fans of the brand to “celebrate their passion for gaming and PlayStation” by creating unique experiences for players. One of those famous names is NBA superstar LeBron James, who helped design a limited-edition PlayStation 5 accessories. The … Read more

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Review – Razor Sharp


Reviewed on: PlayStation 5 Platform: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC Publisher: Koei Tecmo Developer: Team Ninja Release: March 3, 2023   Team Ninja has earned a reputation for crafting some of the most satisfying action games around, nimbly transitioning from the high-octane action Ninja Gaiden series to the Soulslike thrills … Read more

Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic Is A High-End Playset Featuring Iconic Cards From The Past


The Pokémon Trading Card Game has been a staple pillar of the Pokémon franchise dating back to the late ’90s, but through a new collaboration between The Pokémon Company, Ceatures Inc., and Nendo, the team behind the TCG hopes to deliver the definitive way to play. Pokémon Trading Card Game Classic delivers everything you need … Read more

Final Fantasy 16 Designers Discuss Why The Series Hasn’t Been Turn-Based For A While


The Final Fantasy series’ numbered entries haven’t been turn-based RPGs for quite some time. With each new game, the series moves further away from its classic turn-based roots toward a more action-oriented combat system. Combat has never been further from being turn-based in a Final Fantasy game more so than in Final Fantasy XVI, which … Read more