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Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals 2021: what to expect


Now that the holiday shopping season, comprised of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, is fast approaching, it’s time to get excited about the best Cyber Monday gaming laptop deals. Sales will start showing up soon, as there are always some early ones for slight discounts, but they will get even better the closer we get … Read more

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PS5 Registration Open In The US


You can now register to possibly receive a PS5 in time for the holidays in the US. The order in which the recipients will be determined appears to hinge on how dedicated you have been to PlayStation in the past. The first anniversary of the PS5 is almost upon us. A month from now will … Read more

How To Romance Sunder In Boyfriend Dungeon


Sunder is the dashing and dangerous Talwar available to romance in Boyfriend Dungeon. He is very quick to flirt with you, and probably will be most players’ first official date in the game. Sunder is quite a handful, though, so proceed with caution. Plus his and Mandy’s sordid past may come back to bite you … Read more

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Who Should You Give The Horse To In The Dark Horse Quest?


Quick Links How To Complete The ‘Dark Horse’ Quest Every Reward You Receive For Completing The “Dark Horse” Quest Assassin’s Creed Odyssey features amazing open-world locations and quests, especially within the Fate Of Atlantis DLC. This expansion pack is full of amazing adventures, and a lot of the quests within it have important choices that … Read more

Metroid Dread: How To Beat Kraid


Quick Links Where Is Kraid? What Suit Upgrades Should You Have? How To Beat The First Phase How To Beat The Second Phase Bonus: How To Instakill Kraid Were you surprised to see Kraid with a bunch of birds in Metroid Dread? Us too! You’ll need to defeat him to get the Diffusion Beam upgrade. … Read more

How Long Does It Take To Finish Back 4 Blood?


Left 4 Dead is back in the form of its spiritual successor, Back 4 Blood. The new game features the former’s take on cooperative multiplayer with a few modern twists thrown in, making for a zombie shooter that is sure to satisfy long-time fans and newbies alike. RELATED: Tips For Completing Nightmare Difficulty In Back … Read more

How To Defeat Lily In Bravely Default 2


Quick Links Lily’s Stats, Weaknesses, and Attacks Recommended Jobs and Equipment Battle Strategy As you arrive in Wiswald in Bravely Default 2, you will come to learn of the mysteries happening around the village. Elvis’ old friends Roddy and Lily are acting strangely, and it’s up to you to figure out what’s going on. Related: … Read more

Riot Celebrates Its Netflix Series, Arcane, With Real-Life League Of Legends Narrative Experience


Riot Games has announced its partnership with Secret Cinema to celebrate the launch of its upcoming Netflix animated series, Arcane, by bringing an immersive real-life League of Legends narrative experience exclusively to Los Angeles this November. It will be Secret Cinema’s first time combining video games and entertainment together as players experience live, interactive gameplay … Read more

Metroid Dread Has Too Many Upgrades


Upgrades are the defining characteristic of Metroidvanias. The power progression that comes when collecting new and improved abilities and weapons is what makes Metroid such a joy to play, and the structure of a Metroidvania depends on the lock and key relationship between upgrades and the access they provide. Metroid Dread brings back all of … Read more

New World: How To Increase Storage Space


Quick Links How To Increase Your Storage Space Bags And Satchels Storage Chests Storage Standing Card Trading Post Trick New World’s focus on crafting and endgame grinding means you’ll need a place to store all of your crafting materials, gear, and miscellaneous items. Since crafting the best gear in New World requires an immense amount … Read more

All Lifeblood Cocoon Locations In Hollow Knight


Lifeblood is one of the few aspects of Hollow Knight that remains shrouded in mystery even now, four years after the game was released. The glowing, blue substance seems to have some signs of sentience, evidenced by the existence of the Lifeseeds and another possible creature. It is capable of protecting those it touches, which … Read more