Babylon’s Fall Closed Beta Sign Ups Available Now, Adds PS5 to Launch Line-Up, Reveals “Live-Service”

Square Enix and PlatinumGames have announced a closed beta for Babylon’s Fall, and that the game will also be coming to PlayStation 5.

As stated in the press release (via email), players are mighty Sentinels; bounded to their Gideon Coffins to overcome the Tower of Babylon. The Coffin lets heroes equip up to four weapons at once, as parties of up to four players fight in brushwork style graphics.

As previously leaked, the closed beta will be available on Steam. This will be the first in a series of closed beta tests, where feedback will help develop the game. Those who wish to sign up can register here. The press release also confirmed the game’s PC launch will be via Steam.

At this time of writing, the game’s trailers have generated a lot of negative votes; criticizing the game missing the typical PlatinumGames flair, and utilizing a “live-service” business model. During the developer interview, Producer Junichi Ehara announced the game was being developed as a live-service title, with regular updates adding more moves (equipped as skills).

The game’s theme of “pushing forward to a never-ending goal” was a core concept of the game; as they delve into multiplayer hack-and-slash dungeons with up to four players, and gather loot. As aforementioned; rather than just alter a characters weapons and armor, the moves they can use can also be altered to change your playstyle.

There will also be the Hanging Garden website, that allows players to alter their equipment, craft, and create new character builds when they are away from the game.

You can find the E3 2021 gameplay trailer and developer interview below.

Babylon’s Fall is in development for Windows PC (via Steam) and PlayStation 4, an PlayStation 5.

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