Babylon’s Fall Closed Beta will not be in a very enjoyable state according to Producer

Recently the producer of Babylon’s Fall told Gaming Bolt, “To be completely honest, the game won’t be in a very enjoyable state.”
Babylon’s Fall seems to be very weird considering it’s a live service and no one expected that to happen, and it just doesn’t look really good, and now the Producer saying that the game won’t be in a very enjoyable state in the closed beta, which is taking place in July seems even more weird now.
Hopefully, Babylon’s Fall turns out to be a good game and ends up surviving for many years, unlike most of the live service games that are released nowadays.

Image from Babylon's Fall

I really cannot wait to see how Babylon’s Fall ends up being because this project seems very ambitious, and I am predicting that this might result in a huge failure, but hopefully, I turn out to be wrong, and we see Babylon’s Fall’s name to some of the biggest live service games.
Babylon’s Fall currently does not have any release date. I think it might release in 2023 or 2022, depending on how the beta testing goes, and I expect it to be full of bugs since even the producer stated that the closed beta would not be in a very enjoyable state.
What do you think about this? Please let us know in the comments below.

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