Balan Wonderworld ESRB Rating Reveals Weapons, Abilities, Mechs, And More

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We live in a rather dark and bleak world, especially right now with everything seeming to be on fire. That’s why it’s nice to have games like Balan Wonderworld to interject things with a bit more color and whatnot. We’re seen quite a lot of the opening worlds of the game, but we haven’t seen a lot of how it plays just yet. It’s still several months down the road, after all. However, the ESRB is giving us a taste and, well, it may be a bit surprising.

The ESRB has officially rated the game, and there’s mention there of how the game plays. There’s mention of using abilities such as fireballs and tornadoes, which kind of matches what we’ve seen, but maybe the surprising thing is the game apparently has mechs of some kind in it. Can’t say I saw that coming. There’s also reference to shooting in first person with certain weapons. It’ll be interesting to see what that’s about when the game does come out next year.

“This is an action platformer in which players explore a magical world while battling enemies in order overcome roadblocks. From a third-person perspective, players traverse platform environments, solve puzzles, and use various abilities/weapons (e.g., fireballs, tornadoes, blasters) to defeat fantastical creatures. Some weapons allow players to aim and shoot at enemies from a first-person perspective; robotic/mech suit costumes allow players to shoot small lasers from their chests.”

Balan Wonderworld is set to release for all major platforms March 26th, 2021. You can see both the game’s opening cinematic and boxart through here.

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