Baldur’s Gate 3’s Hell Is Basically Filled With Lawyers

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While it will still most likely be quite some time before the full launch of the game, we now know that Baldur’s Gate 3, the much anticipated continuation of the RPG series, is targetting early access at the end of next month. We’ll get our first real taste of what Larian Studios has in store for us. In the meantime, they are also detailing what to expect, and today they gave a taste of hell, and it sounds a lot like a courtroom.

In an interview with PC Gamer magazine (October 2020, issue 348), CEO Swen Vincke talked about the hell realm you’ll encounter in the game. Basically, hell in Baldur’s Gate is filled with lawyers. You can be offered a pact, and whatever that pact says is strict law. That means you better be very careful what the wording of your contract if you decide to accept, or be prepared for the consequences. Devils have their own codes and laws, which they follow closely.

“I strongly suspect that Wizards of the Coast based devils on lawyers. They have a whole code of laws, and when you make a pact, the pact is holy. You have to be very careful about the wording of the contract.

The soul coin is basically made of a person’s soul. It’s the currency of Hell, it’s how payment is done. You’ll encounter soul coins early on in Act One. When you get into Hell, soul coins are the thing.

You’ll get a good sense of how the mechanics of Hell work. There’s an element of perpetual fear and competition. There’s a strict hierarchy and the absolute rule of holy law. It allows us to do interesting moral situations and quests, and we tie it all into what’s happening in the real world above. If you’ve accepted pacts that have been offered to you by devils throughout your adventure, that changes things a lot.”

Baldur’s Gate 3 is planned to launch into early access for PC and Stadia on September 30th. You can check the PC requirements you’ll need for it through here.

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