Bandai Namco listed as an E3 Participant

Bandai Namco has been listed as an E3 Participant on the official E3 website; however, there is no official announcement about Bandai Namco attending E3. Bandai Namco might have a lot to showcase this year, especially the long-awaited FromSoftware Game Elden Ring, which got its trailer leaked previously and got a provisional rating earlier this year. Hopefully, they finally announce a release date and showcase the official gameplay of Elden Ring. Bandai Namco has multiple announced games already, such as Scarlet Nexus, and on top of that, they will definitely showcase some of their newer games as well. E3 2021 is set to take place from 12 June to 15th June; there is no date announced for the Bandai Namco Conference at E3 2021, yet so I would suggest you to wait for an official announcement by Bandai Namco.

Everyone has been waiting for Elden Ring since the official first trailer FromSoftware has not updated anything about it literally, but there is still hope because of this year’s E3. Maybe this is finally happening, and we might get to see the official Elden Ring Gameplay, which is not outdated and is meant for the public, not just the investors. and Hopefully, we get an official release date of Elden Ring as well.
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