Battlefield 2042 Fans Would Rather Have First Person Melee Animations

Battlefield 2042 has definitely caught the eyes of multiplayer FPS fans. The massive 128 player mode assures absolute chaos thanks to the lineup of air, land, and sea vehicles, destructible environments, and weather phenomena that drastically alter the map. While Battlefield fans have been waiting to get back to the modern era, there are a few developmental decisions they disagreed with, third-person melee executions being one.

If you were to perform a melee execution on an enemy in Battlefield 2042, the camera would pop out to give you a third-person view of the gory kill. While this does look more cinematically appealing, a number of Battlefield fans seem to prefer the original first-person animations.

Do you agree that BF2042 should have an option to change knifing animation to First Person instead of 3rd person ? from

As spotted by GameRant, a recently uploaded Reddit thread is gaining a lot of traction as it asked fans if they agreed with the decision to revamp the melee kills. The thread currently has 6.2 thousand upvotes and a vast majority of the comments are against the third-person view.

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The primary reason why this kind of an animation isn’t suitable for an FPS game is that the sudden change in perspective could seem disorienting to some. Not just that, but in a fast paced game like Battlefield 2042, it could mess with your awareness of the surroundings, making you vulnerable to opponents.

However, the comments had a few reasons of their own. One of the common reasons was that they found the first-person animations more “personal”, whatever that means. A few others have suggested that Battlefield has opted for this so that it would help push cosmetics. Another reason that a lot of people pointed out was that it reminded them of the Call of Duty games. It seems that some fans have a problem with their favourite of the two games looking like each other.

Only a few days ago we got a look at the first five specialists that will be available in the game. Kimble "Irish" Graves, Webster Mackay, Pyrotr "Boris" Guskovsky, Maria Falck, and Wisper "Casper" Van Daele were announced via a short video that showcased their abilities. Community manager Alan Freeman, also mentioned that Battlefield 2042’s first open beta should be coming "later this month."

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