Battlefield 2042 Reveals Specialist Details, Open Beta "Later This Month"

We got some official Battlefield 2042 news to share. While rumors abound that the open beta will take place on September 24, EA has released the first five specialists you'll be able to play when the game's servers finally go live for everyone.

Only five specialists have been revealed so far, and each one is based on one of the four classes that Battlefield fans will be familiar with. Each specialist will come with one piece of special equipment and one trait to set them apart from everyone else.

We'll start with Kimble "Irish" Graves, the engineering specialist who got his own video a little while ago. His equipment is the Fortification System, which includes the DCS deployable cover and APS-36 Shootdown Sentinel, a drone which will protect Irish and his allies from explosive projectiles.

Irish seems to think that the best defense is a good offense, while Webster Mackay thinks that the best offense is a good offense. His grappling hook will let him get to places others can't and his Nimble trait makes him faster while aiming down sights as well as further enhancing "speed-related advantages."

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Maria Falck is our first dedicated support specialist. A battlefield medic, her S21 Syrette Pistol fires healing syringes at allies or poison syringes at enemies very much like Overwatch's Ana. Her Combat Surgeon ability will allow Falck to revive downed allies at full health.

Next, we have Pyrotr "Boris" Guskovsky. His SG-36 Sentry turret automatically engages enemies that walk into its engagement radius, while the Sentry Operator trait notifies Boris of enemies that wander within the Sentry's zone.

And finally, Wisper "Casper" Van Daele is a dedicated recon specialist. His OV-P Recon Drone spots enemies, designates targets for attacks that require a targeting lock, and can also launch EMP blasts. His Movement Sensor trait detects approaching enemies while he's using his Recon Drone specialty.

There are five more "redacted" specialists on EA's site, so expect to see a few more reveals as we head into Battlefield 2042's first open beta. Which, according to EA community manager Alan Freeman, should be coming "later this month."

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