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Best Action/Adventure Games of 2021

It’s time for award season here at Twinfinite, so we’re looking back at the best games from the past year. 2021 saw an impressive number of action/adventure games, each of them taking us on unforgettable journeys. Voted on by our very own editors and staff, these were the best action/adventure games of 2021 that offered the richest experiences in their genre.

Best Action/Adventure Games of 2021

Honorable Mention: Scarlet Nexus

scarlet nexus

News Editor Giuseppe Nelva: When Scarlet Nexus was announced back in 2020, it felt different from many other games coming from Japan. It was one of the first announced for next (now current) generation consoles, and it was going to release at the same time with an anime series by prestigious Studio Sunrise. It embodied Bandai Namco’s new IP policies, so I had high expectations for it.

I wasn’t disappointed when I played the game. While the story isn’t exactly shocking for those who are used to Japanese media (but it may shock others), it’s told in a fresh and interesting way, and the gameplay is a lot of fun, leaving tons of room for creativity. It’s certainly one of the best games coming out of Japan in 2021, and I’d say it’s quite underestimated in general.

If you liked Persona 5, it’s likely Scarlet Nexus is straight up your alley, and I don’t make the comparison lightly. Of course, it doesn’t play the same in many aspects, but it’s based on a similar core that builds the game on the interaction among a group of friends. It’s basically a playable anime, and that’s fantastic in my book.

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