Best Man Gives Halo-Themed Speech at Wedding

There are plenty of key ingredients to a happy marriage and many consider teamwork to be one of them. Fortunate for one Halo fan, he was reminded of his ability to be a team player during his wedding by his best man who compared the challenges of marriage to the skills required in Halo multiplayer.

Posted to the sub-Reddit r/Halo by Reddit user u/ProblemzNYC, the video is a sweet reminder that the skills in gaming can be applicable everywhere, specifically in this case, to a happy marriage. Paired with a recreation of the speech in Halo itself, the video seems to be serving as something of a template for best man speeches that many commenters are wanting for themselves.

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The speech envisions the bride and groom together as a team in a 2v2 match on the classic Halo: Combat Evolved map Hang 'Em High where the score is tied 49-49 with one kill remaining. In a last-ditch effort, the best man says that the bride is pushing on the two enemies, but gets pinned down so the groom grabs an overshield, takes the fire for his wife, and wins the match with a well-placed plasma grenade.

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The best man closes his speech with a quick summary of his message saying that the groom needs to be the bride's overshield and that he needs to "always have her back in life." As touching as the sentiment is for the couple in the video, it serves as some pretty sound advice for all Halo fans who are looking to be successful in any relationship, in a marriage or otherwise.

As fans wait patiently for Halo Infinite to release later this year, this video is a fun reminder of where the Halo series has been since the first game came out in 2001. For many, remembering maps like Hang 'Em High and Blood Gulch featured in the original Halo bring back some great memories of LAN parties and split-screen multiplayer, so seeing an old-school map featured in the video brings a level of nostalgia to it that makes it doubly sweet.

This isn't the only Halo blast from the past in recent weeks as a fan discovered an unopened Halo 2 preview disk at a garage sale. Although not featuring any playable content, the preview disk features plenty of videos promoting the game leading up to the release of Halo 2 and some estimate that the sealed version of the disk is worth upwards of $200.

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