Best Yu-Gi-Oh! Decks Of 2021

Yu-Gi-Oh! is among the most popular trading card games in the world. Its diverse and expansive array of cards alongside its simple yet complex play has garnered it much fame. Both players new and old can easily assemble a relatively similar collection of cards into a deck ready for play. However, the competitive side of Yu-Gi-Oh! favors only the most effective and versatile decks to date.

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These decks are regarded as the meta of Yu-Gi-Oh! and are essentially the best decks of the game. While the list is everchanging there have been many decks that remain prominent. These decks boast strategies or cards that dominate the meta and easily overcome any challenge presented. Without a doubt, these are the best Yu-Gi-Oh! decks of this year and quite possibly the next.

Virtual World


The Virtual World archetype has risen in popularity for its ability to easily swarm the field. Virtual World cards do this by banishing cards or sending them from the deck to the graveyard. From there they can be Special Summoned by a Virtual World card. Filling the field allows players to overwhelm foes or prepare for Synchro and XYZ monster plays.

The Virtual World archetype's reliance on banishment and the graveyard make it exceedingly difficult to overcome. There is very little that opponents can do to stall or stump this deck and win. It is this resilience and versatility that make a Virtual World deck such an astounding metagame option. Moreover, the Virtual World Gate sub archetype furthers this deck's already incredible swarming capabilities.



The Drytron archetype is renowned for its expeditious and unique method of Ritual Summoning. Drytron cards rely on attack value to Ritual Summon rather than levels. This offers a quick and easy means of Ritual Summoning that can utilize nearly any Light Machine monster. Being able to Ritual Summon with such ease allows players to gain an advantage early on.

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The Drytron archetype's use of Light Machine monsters creates numerous opportunities for synergy. Players can capitalize on this dependency to include a variety of other cards. For instance, Light Machines cards such as Cyber Angels work immensely well with Drytron decks. This grants Drytron decks a great deal of unpredictability as there are numerous cards they can utilize.



The Zoodiac archetype is regarded as one of the best for its unparalleled consistency in duels. Zoodiac cards focus on effortlessly summoning XYZ monsters, enhancing them, and supporting them. This allows powerful XYZ monsters to be summoned with little investment. Bringing such powerful monsters to the field with nearly no effort allows players to easily overwhelm foes.

The Zoodiac archetype's ability to effortlessly summon XYZ monsters makes it incredibly reliable. While other meta decks have specific requirements, Zoodiac cards can build off any card from their archetype. This makes Zoodiac decks incredibly fast and adaptable in any duel. This makes Zoodiac decks predictable, but it is a negligible flaw when compared to its strengths.



The Adamancipator archetype is famous for its proficiency in recycling cards. Adamancipator cards function to search for and retrieve the components necessary to Synchro Summon monsters. This allows players to easily bring out powerful cards with little cost to themselves. Even if these noteworthy Adamancipator cards are sent to the graveyard, they can easily be recovered and reused again, and again.

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The Adamancipator archetype's ability to find and use certain cards makes it incredibly versatile. Many other decks have ways to search for necessary cards, but none are quite like Adamacipator cards. Whether from the top of the deck or the graveyard, players can easily search for cards with Adamancipators. This makes Adamancipator decks a reliable, consistent, and enduring choice for the meta.



The Dogmatika archetype is popular for its unique focus on Extra Deck monsters. Every Dogmatika card's effect will take advantage of or hinder opposing Extra Deck monsters. Many of these effects involve disrupting or countering Extra Deck monsters while others benefit from their summoning. This allows Dogmatika decks to easily overcome game-ending Extra Deck monsters and gain the upper hand.

The Dogmatika archetype can destroy nearly every deck in the meta. The Extra Deck typically holds the most vital monsters of a deck. Being able to completely negate these monsters creates many opportunities for players. Even if opponents do not possess Extra Deck monsters, players can benefit from their own to carry out the Dogmatika card's effects.



The Shaddoll archetype is well-known for its reliance on flip effects and the graveyard. These cards benefit from being set and destroyed so that they may activate effects. Shaddoll effects may aid players, debilitate opponents, or summon the stronger El Shaddoll monsters. Shaddoll decks hold a great deal of versatility which makes them difficult to prepare for.

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The Shaddoll archetype's adaptability is what makes it an excellent base for many decks. Shaddoll cards act as a focal point for others that rely on graveyard effects. For instance, Lightsworn cards work exceptionally well with Shaddoll decks since it often depends on the graveyard. While graveyard decks like this can be easily countered, the many opportunities Shaddoll decks create are well worth it.

Sky Striker


The Sky Striker archetype is popular for its incredibly powerful effects that can aid players and debilitate opponents. Sky Striker cards rely heavily on there being no monsters on your side of the field and at least three spells in the graveyard. Once these conditions are met, Sky Striker cards can unleash phenomenal effects involving Extra Deck monsters or hindering foes.

The Sky Striker archetype can easily meet its requirements and take advantage of its incredible effects. Moreover, players can easily bring out Extra Deck Sky Striker monsters to further enhance these effects. However, to effectively utilize these card effects players must be patient and careful. Rushing into duels or making mistakes can be costly, although, using Sky Striker decks correctly is exceedingly rewarding.

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