Bethesda adds retro games to Steam, misspells Elder Scrolls

Bethesda adds retro games to Steam, misspells Elder Scrolls

As previously announced, the Elder Scrolls publisher has just brought a selection of retro games to Steam in anticipation of the end of the Bethesda Launcher. Those include a pair of freebies in The Elder Scrolls: Arena and, uh, The Elder Scolls II: Daggerfall. Yes, Elder Scolls. The store page says Elder Scolls.

I’m not going to cast too many jokes toward whoever had to title the Steam page, because I type words on the internet for a living and that karma will catch up with me far too quickly. Just go enjoy The Elder Scolls on Steam for as long as it lasts, because the typo is in the URL too and that link will probably break whenever it gets corrected.

Arena and Daggerfall have both been available as free PC games from Bethesda’s website for ages, but this is the first time either of the original entries in the series have been available on Steam. The largely forgotten Elder Scrolls games Redguard and Battlespire are also now on Steam for the first time at $5.99 / £4.89 / €5.99 apiece, though they’re available on GOG, as well.

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