Biomutant Just Got A 13GB Patch To Fix Three Bugs

Biomutant just got a surprise patch today. The patch notes are quite short, only fixing three minor bugs that have plagued the game since launching back in May. One bug made it so players were unable to switch Tribes if they were using an older save file before some of the more recent patches, one bug broke the Solar Mirror quest preventing player progression, and one bug caused the Ako’s Camp objectives to not display.

But it’s not the patch notes that’s worth noting here, but the size of the patch. It’s 13GB. That’s more than half the total storage requirements of the entire game, which sounds like a lot considering those 13GB are fixing just three minor bugs.

You could argue that game development is a mysterious process and sometimes it’s easier to toss out half the game and build it back up again in order to fix three minor issues. Or, as I might suggest, there might be more going on in those 13GB than Experiment 101 is describing in the patch notes. Like maybe some impending expansion, perhaps.

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Besides update 1.6’s size, there’s only one other piece of evidence to suggest Biomutant is about to get some sort of DLC. THQ Nordic just announced its 10th-anniversary digital showcase today, promising new game announcements as well as updates on games already in development. In the sizzle reel that THQ published earlier today, Biomutant is featured quite prominently.

Although the game was released to tepid reviews and currently has just over 500 people still playing on Steam, Biomutant was a financial success for Experiment 101 and publisher THQ Nordic, with the game breaking a million in sales and recouping its development costs in its first week. That means there are plenty of people who own the game and could be convinced to return to Biomutant’s colorful world if given a big enough reason.

Like, say, 13GBs-worth of reasons. If the recent patch is hiding an expansion, we’ll likely find out during THQ Nordic’s digital showcase on September 17.

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