Black Ops Cold War’s Nuke Killstreak Added To More Modes

Black Ops Cold War's Season 4 Reloaded update has added the Nuke Killstreak reward to almost all of the game's multiplayer modes.

Black Ops Cold War and Warzone's midseason update arrives in-game today. Season 4 Reloaded promises to bring a lot of changes, one of which will be the addition of Call Of Duty's iconic Nuke Killstreak to more of the game's multiplayer modes. Not Warzone, but pretty much every other form of multiplayer in Black Ops Cold War.

Treyarch revealed the news via a blog post published today to mark the beginning of the second half of season four. The Killstreak, which has only been available in Cranked Hardpoint up until now in Black Ops Cold War, can now be unlocked across more of the game's multiplayer modes. The only exceptions will be “League Play and CDL variants, Multi-Team, Party Games, and Gunfight”.

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“We’ve heard from those players who went the extra mile in Cranked Hardpoint to earn the hidden Nuke Scorestreak, and we’re bringing it to the rest of Multiplayer,” the post reads. Call Of Duty fans will know all too well that the series' nukes don't come easy, though. As has been the case in previous games, and in Cranked Hardpoint, you must rack up 30 kills without dying in order to call in a nuke to wipe out everyone.

On the Warzone side of things for Season 4 Reloaded, players have some serious rebalanced weapons to deal with. Raven Software has revealed the BR game's guns have undergone the biggest rebalance in the game's relatively short history. Assault rifles, in particular, have had their torso and headshot multipliers decreased as a part of today's patch.

As for the bigger picture, Warzone's eternal battle against cheaters continues to ramp up. Despite having banned more than half a million cheaters from Warzone since it launched, those cheaters' methods are becoming more and more sophisticated. A new type of tech boasting that it can be used by console players gained traction last week, only to be taken down by Activision a few days later.

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