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Blood And Truth Developer’s PS5 Title Is Listed As Brand New IP

blood and truth

Blood and Truth was one of the PSVR’s first big titles, and its developer, SIE London Studio, proved they were once again front and center of Sony’s latest tech. The studio has always been one of the first developers to create something for whatever new hardware project their parent company is cooking up, from the PSVR to the Eyetoy. Now it seems they are working on something else all new.

At the end of last year, some job listings from the studio let the cat out of the bag that the studio was working on a PS5 title. as well as even more pointing to that this month. We still don’t know what that actually is, but some new listings have popped up for Lead Technical Artist and Lead VFX Artist (which you can see for yourself through here) that reiterate the title as being for the PS5 as well as a new property, stating the studio is working on “a brand new, next-gen IP.”

With Sony officially announcing the that they will make a follow up to the PSVR, it’s looking likely that the studio is probably working on a new title for it, though with it being a brand new IP apparently, that means it probably isn’t Blood and Truth 2, unless both are being worked on at the same time. Only time will tell.

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